Stopping Time

I heard about stopping time in your dreams or at least slowing it down. I heard that u can go through days in your dream…in just a few minutes of real life. I am very interested in this. Some techniques given were looking at a clock and making it freeze, or thnking about passing time. If u could extend the dream, it is said u can have very extremely long lucid dreams. Anyoneone post feedbackor ideas or questions or comments. Thanx!!!

I don’t know but I had dream when time stopped, and that was interesting, no one was there, just like everyone is traveling with the time, past and future are not inhabited lands, or not with humans anyway. That was in one movie like this to happen. I had once false awakening and evrythins was doubled, clock ticking the same time but not focused, like two times each second. Then I woke up again.
Once I was dreaming like time is discrete and that one was interesting, too. I don’t know how to explain in dream I just know something is or not, not always by normal senses.

Make sure you make the “bullet time” sound. :wink:

That’s not what he means :wink:.

He’s refering to making a ten minute LD feel like it has lasted hours/days/weeks/months/whatever.

I (and a fair few others) don’t believe this is possible…

However, you can still give the illusion of this happening, through false memories.

I don’t know whether or not it is possible, but when I master lucid dreaming (I’m ambitious :grin: ) I will find out. It would be amazing if it were true…

Bullet time in dreams? Haha, bullet time in real life is a lot more fun! :content:

Anyway, I heard that some monks are able to do a meditation for 10 minutes that makes up for hours of sleep, but I don’t think it’s the same technique, they are probably just able to be a lot more relaxed and let the body recover a lot faster.

You might be able to convince yourself that the dream felt like it lasted for weeks, but I don’t think you’re able to really feel that way while it’s going on.

Stephen LaBerge writes that our dreams uses “movie tricks” to show huge passages of time… like fading in and out, into a different scene. I’ve had this quite a lot in some of my LD’s… though some of my LD’s just last aegis without any noticeable movie tricks. But mostly real time, matches dream time…

Although i’m sure you can slow down your perception of time in your LD if you really wanted too… :cool:

You’d definely have to be alert of your surroundings, and have composure. These days I’m lucky if I can sleep at all. (3hrs)

Oh yah - and I’ve removed the ‘MUST READ’ from the title’ :wink:.

Ah yeah, I forgot about that.
That, in additin to false memories, can trick you into thinking a dream is much longer then it really is.

ya…maybe u cant do it…i guess its still under research. but that would b so awsome if u could. u could spend a week there in just a few hours. thanks for all the replies…and sorry about the MUST READ in the

Very interesting! I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream that was supposed to be spaced over a large period of time. Usually they flow together or the scenes are “cut”, no fading effects or anything. I’ve never really even considered the fact that dreams can be spaced out like that!

And I’ve been trying to take EWLD out of the library but someone’s had it checked out for like 2 months now!!! GAR!!!

ok…i found where i read this:
2.23. How can I stop real time in my Lucid Dreams?
Stopping real time in your Lucid Dreams means making the Lucid Dream last far more than the
time passed by in the physical world. Like having a dream that last a few minutes in real time,
while you might experience it as a few days in the dream. By doing this can you enjoy the dream
scape a lot more, since you can spend days in the dream while it really just last a few
minutes. Robert Monroe even reported experiencing 100 years in a 2 hours OOBE. But to
experience this might be difficult, little research have been done on this area. And those that
experience it don’t consciously try to have them. Still, there are a few techniques you might
try. First of all, set your intention to stop real time. Have that intention in mind while
having your Lucid Dream. Picture yourself being in the dream for days, maybe even weeks before
you wake up. You might try to saying out loud: “Stop time now!” You can try looking at your
clock in the dream, and imagine that the clock slow down and stop. You might try to expect the
dream to last for days. You might try visualize two pyramids, connected at their bases
counterrotating. And maybe visualize multiple pyramids rotating inside each other all rotating.
This is something worth going for, as it may give you incredible long Lucid Dreams.

what gave you the pyramid idea ?

hay dudes i reckin it is posible to do this, because if u think bout a certain thing you did in you past, like somthing you did for ten minets, you visualize it in you mind and get all the feeling you had at the time, but this is about 2 secs in reality but feels in a little way like 10 mins. I reckon if you train yourself to speed up the amount of things you can do it can be done. the mind is a big massive computer with loads of speed just need to be able to grasp how to use it proply. the only problem is now ive read this again is that while u LD it will feel long but as always when u wake up its has the uncertainty about it. Anyway i,m gunna give it a try.

yes i think the downside to being in a “time warp” (i.e. altered state of mind/time perception) is when you come out, its always unclear exactly what happened and how long it really felt.

i didnt come up with the pyramid idea…this is from some lucidity FAQ. anyways…i will try some things to night.

I’m inclined to agree with Sureal about the false memories doing the trick. I’ve had no experience with them in a lucid context, but I very commonly have normal dreams in which I feel I’ve lived my whole life in a certain situation thanks to them. Of course, the dream as seen in current time itself usually lasts no more than a few days, but the memories (especially specific ones) make it seem like I’ve been there already for years - a bit like how I’m sitting here typing this now, but “know” at the same time I’ve gone through many years of life.

“False memories” aside, the dream time still lasts for a day or two for me in most cases. I think this is often due to change in setting (day becomes night, night becomes day, as an indicator of time passing), or I find that dream characters have grown in personality as though over a long period of time (though this is usually due to the ‘character-building’ adventures they take part in, lol). For lucid dreamers, perhaps by trying to bring on night time at will, it will seem as if a whole day has passed. Then you could try talking to other people and asking what their day was like! Hehe. I don’t know if it will work, but it’s a suggestion gathered from my own experiences. It seems right to me, anyway.

There is a technique called time disortion, it’s an altered perception kind of meditation, you do it with a metronome untill your sense of time seems to be slowed down. Muscicians sometimes use it to play very fast solos absolutely perfect. I think this could also account for some of the stories about dreams that last for days, months or even years.

If it was possible to make a dream feel like days, I would personally advise against it anyway.

I find that after just a half an hour, I start to forget things. So, even if you did have an LD that lasted for such a long time, you wouldn’t be able to rmember more than like an hour of it anyway…

Just to add a differet slant to this topic… some people who have taken the drug Salvia often discribe huge passages of time (like 2 yrs) within 15 minutes… maybe the same thing is happening with this type of LD’ing?

Also, time is a funny little devil lol … it is relative and actually your brain CAN alter the perception of time (speed it up or slow it down). For example, you find you are about to be run over by a car, but time seems to slow down, making you assess more information then if time were to appear normal. Thus you decide to jump out the way… hopefully lol. This is mainly due to your body being pumped full of adrenaline… but this is an example einstein gives to show that time is relative and that your mind can actual slow down time…