I have absolutely no idea if this will work.

It has to do with controlling time within a dream and slowing it down and such.

Well, I’ve read accounts about how you should “slow down a clock” or “do things more quickly” in order to make the most of an LD. The slowing down the clock didn’t work for me (I had a clock running backwards in the dream), and I’m already doing things very quickly. So I came up with another idea about controlling time in your dreams.

How about a stopwatch? Everyone’s always talking about slowing down time, why not just set how much time you have in the dream? You could keep track of how much longer you will be lucid, or in a dream for that matter.

Of course, some people might be thinking, “Well, I’ll just set the clock to infinity and prove you wrong, so HA!” (okay, maybe that’s just me being a paranoid jerk… :razz:) Well, the catch with the stopwatch would be that you can’t set it yourself. It would already be set. The point is that you know how much time you have to do the tasks.

My basis is that some people find themselves waking up when they expect they’re going to wake up, or knowing the exact time that they’re going to wake up. So, why can’t the internal clock SHOW you when you’re going to wake up? Tell you how much time you have left before the alarm clock buzzes IRL?

Speculation, once again, and I will test it (after finding that dream pet…).

Tell us your results about controlling time. It’s very interesting! :smile:

It sounds interesting and practical if it works. And it can really appear to work as long as the stopwatch has time to run out at wich point you wake up. It’s difficult to say if you wake up because you expect to because of the stopwatch or if it was the time you would wake up anyway.

I think the you’d wake up at your normal time, but also when the stopwatch ran out. In other words, your SC probably knows about how long you’re going to be asleep, so it could calibrate the passage of time in the dream based on that, so that it fits together. So, you wake up at your normal time, and the stopwatch goes off at the same time.

I think experimentation is in order. Actually this is probably best done in a sleep lab. Then the dreamer can signal when he finds out how long he’s got and such, you’ll get a precise time of awakening. Still i can’t help but think that the stopwatch is gonna give a shorter time and cause you to wake up in vain.
Also it might not make sense when you see it. Digital won’t do much good of course.
Maybe since the point is to know how long you have you should just have a voice going “T-1 minute” or something. Or you should be able to ask a DC.

I see two problems:

1.But your internal clock cant say you exacly what time is it. It can specualte, but it wont be too precise. And it cant know random happenings, like loud talk in room near, a turing on auto-alarm in car near your window, and things like that.

  1. Let’s pass over it. But even creating of that clock would be annoying. It would look like a watch, with a timer turned on.

2a : what would happen if it would be just created badly, and while you have 15 minutes left in dream, you are waking up IRL.

2b: A mirrored 2a: In dream your watch says that time ran out, and there is sudden FA.

That possibility is scary =/. But there is A LOT of possibilities in that idea. Even if it wont work, it’s good to try something that can be VERY useful. IF it will work, this would be thing same usefully in dream as RC.

And about setiing clock to infinity… that cant work, but giving few minutes more MIGHT (i repeat: MIGHT!) work.

Okay, I tried this last night. I pulled out a stopwatch from my pocket and it read: 00:00:47 (47 secs). While looking at the screen, I got an error.

I flew around the house for a bit, counting down the seconds. When I counted 47 secs, I grabbed a piano. My brother looked at me funny, and I was confused. Right when I let go of the piano, the dream faded…

Hmm, just a thought but isn’t that the whole point of the “clock reality check”. You look at a clock and look back and it says two different things?
As in, what if you look at the stopwatch for the first time and it says two minutes but then you check back to see how much you have left and it does something funny like 6 hours?

Or it could come up with some unheard of digital mishmash.

Practical though if it really does work though.

Thus MatrixManNe0, it has no effect on controlling time?

See, that’s why I was slightly skeptical at first, but I figured I’d give it a shot. Worked well the first time, actually…

That would also explain why my stopwatch got an error screen after looking at “00:00:47” too long…

Well, I’d imagine it wouldn’t, of course I was planning on trying this out next time (increasing time by maybe a minute or so…).

I figure I won’t try decreasing time. That seems pointless and boring and… meh.

What’s bugging you is if you would have maybe dreamt 5 more minutes if it wasn’t for the stopwatch, right? Since what it does is create an expectation that you will wake up when it reaches 0. That way it can appear to work perfectly.
So if you increase by a minute, you may still be getting 4 minutes less, if we adapt from my previous number.
Still. If the increase can prevent a premature awakening, it served it’s purpose.

Well, I can tell you that the stopwatch is far from perfect…

Last night, it was calculating how much time left, and I ended up with the clock running wild and stopping at… 37 mins…!!

Except I woke up right after.

The fact that there are numbers is not gonna help. Perhaps the design should be more like a loading bar or something. An hour glass… That’s classy. And no numbers to get screwed up. Doesn’t mean it will work though.

That’s a good idea also. Maybe I’ll try that next time…

I mean, you get a feeling for how long you have left, and you won’t be expecting things to end too early. Plus, you won’t have the whole digital clock malfunctioning business.

This might prove very useful with some practice :smile: As for me, it’s a little hard to become lucid from RC because I look at a clock, look a way, look back, its the same :sad:

So I’ll definately try it out ^^ it sounds like a plan worth trying out.

But I am still a beginner, so what do I know lol