strage dreams

is it just me or are my dreams different…

when i dream my whole mind is awake and i can awake at will and thus actually telling myself that i am dreaming does not change the dream i still see the same images…and i leading on to something or am i just weird?

Apparently you actually became lucid. From what I gather, just being lucid won’t stop you from actually having a dream. It means you’ll be more participative, and if you concentrate you can change things and take the dream towards another objective.

Sounds like you’ve got low-level lucidity to me. Just knowing that you’re dreaming doesn’t change the dream…it’s up to you to take control of the dream. Instead of waking up at will, do something fun!

I am not really sure. You would have to describe what your dreams are like in a little more detail. Perhaps post an example of one of your dreams.

Waking yourself from a dream does not necessarily = awareness of dreaming. For example, lots of people learn how to wake themselves from nightmares. They are not lucid and in many cases even aware of the fact that they are dreaming.

Once a person learns to be lucid they can change the content of the dream. They can make choices as to how to proceed. In the nightmare example, a lucid dreamer has many options at his/her disposal. The dreamer can chose to confront the frightening images and explore their meaning, destroy what ever is threatening them, flee/change the dream and yes intentionally wake up if that is the dreamers will.

It would be interesting to hear more about what your “dream life” is like.

Before saying that its a low-lucid dream you should consider that even if your lucid you cannot change your dream scene like that. It takes a lot of experience and mind in your dream to perform that.

I was able to change dream when I was little but not what dream I really wanted to…

Yes, a person could have trouble controlling a dream and still be lucid. It happens to us all at first. However, to be lucid the person should 1) be aware they are dreaming and 2) understand what that means. Mainly that they should be able to control the dream (even if they have trouble doing so).

Like wise, a person could have dream control and no awareness of the fact that they are dreaming. Therefore, by my definition they would not be lucid. Dream incubation is an example of dream control, but I would not count an incubated dream as being lucid.

Anyway, that is just my opinion on the definition of a lucid dream. I tend to have a more strict definition as to what is a lucid dream then others. Some people consider just awareness that you are dreaming as a lucid dream.

It’s all semantics. :smile:

LucidSpade, go ahead and post the specifics so we can be more helpful.

well here’s a recount of what i had…

ok i was at school, normal life then there’s this kid with an afro right? i can’t really remember much because its so blurred to me… and i was thinking to myself in my mind…wow that’s some hair for an asian kid. And i remember seeing me walking around and i was like…what’s this kid doing in my dream…and immediately i told myself “i am dreaming” and the world kinda got clearer but if you get what i mean it was kind of like a distant image like my eyes were closed and the screen was a little further away, my mind was awake but not completely aware i was dreaming, the image was starting to blur…and i thought to myself “what the f*****ck!” and i just woke up…and wrote down the following key words…

LD? school + afro kid

Ok, this happens a lot to people when they start lucid dreaming. What I think happened here is that you became lucid then woke up (lost the dream). Like I said this happens to lots of people at first. So no, there is nothing odd about what you experience. In fact, it is very common. Even if you do nothing you will naturally improve in time.

The next time you find yourself saying, “I am dreaming” stay calm and use any technique to prolong or increase lucidity (i.e. rubbing your hands together, grab hold of something in the dream, look at your hands etc). I call this anchoring your dream. Once the dream gets stable take things slow at first and keep telling yourself that you are dreaming At various points throughout the dream.

And dont get too excited, this is mainly why people awake of LD !