Strange Behavior

This is kind of weird and I was wondering if anybody else does this too. Often when I’m sleeping, I do weird things around my room. It’s kind of like somnambulism because sometimes I get up and find myself trying to turn on lights. Other times I will wake up disoriented and with my head at the bottom of my bed where my feet should be. This last week, I have had two episodes with things on my nightstand. One night I was messing with the cord to my lamp, trying to untwist it from something else. Last night, I kept fidgeting with my alarm clock and finally woke up to realize I had pulled it from the wall and had it lying on my bed. I don’t get this weird stuff or why I do it. I am not awake when I do it, but always end up semi-awake so I at least realize I am acting strange. On occasion, I wake up shortly after going to bed and start talking to my step-dad, as I still am sleeping. I wouldn’t say I’m a somnambulist, only actually sleep walking about once a month, but I am always waking up doing the strangest things. It’s such a weird feeling to realize I had a purpose for doing whatever strange thing I was, even though it didn’t make any sense. Maybe there’s a thread already on this type of thing. If so, I apologize for adding yet another thread. Any help or similar experiences are greatly appreciated. :wink:

*I’m hoping I quit this habit before I electrocute myself!

Cant tell u much but two things for sure.Firstly i think you should see the doctor about that.Its not healthy to walk around while sleeping.
Secondly…if u ever have ld dont try flying or jumping from high:)
If i were you id be very carefull when practicing lds…dont hurt yourself there.
good luck:)

Thanks for the input, Jack!

I wear earplugs sometimes at night to help me sleep and on numerous occasions I have woken up in the morning to find them both on the endtable next to my bed and have no memory of taking them out!

I agree with Jack about seeing a doctor, and i also think you should talk to your parents… maybe its nothing particular and just a case of sleepwalking… but anyways… is better to make shure.

From what I understand sleep walking does not happen while dreaming. When dreaming your body is in SP so it is not likely that you can hurt yourself while dreaming. Though I do agree that you should see a doctor about this as it can be dangerous. This is an old post so I am wondering how you made out. Hope everything is ok.

I was quite surprised when I saw the title and thought it sounded familiar. I haven’t had this “strange behavior” in quite a while so all seems normal. Thanks for your input, though.

Good, glad to hear it was nothing serious.