Strange colored dots?!? ULTIMATE WILD method

ok i noticed this when I was small, but noticed in the past few weeks that it is such a gift. ok, when I close my eyes, I can make these small dots float in front of my eyes (of course they’re not real). I very often get LDs by just focussing on them the colors of these dots as they fly around me. I learned that I can change their colors on command. For some reason, looking at them and changing their colors while I try to sleep gets me an LD straight from a WILD very often (im talking several LDs per night, usually at least one every night). This is the only method that has worked this well for me, im sure other people can do this too. Does anyone here know what these little dots are, or does anyone else get these when they close their eyes? im telling you, they REALLY help!!!

actually i can see them, but i haven’t used them to get a LD before though. I can change their colour too, but i don’t know what they are. I wonder how it could be used for a LD though. How did you do it?

you just have to keep on changing the colors. I used to count while changing their colors to fall asleep faster. It keeps you mentally aware while your body falls asleep, and plus, it’s really hard to forget that there are weird little dots floating above your eyes…

so its kind of a visualization technique, without all the effort because they actually APPEAR to be there but your eyes are closed. someone try it–maybe everyone can see them.

also, can someone please tell me what they are called or what causes them? I thought it was TV or computers, but I know its not that since I went on vacation for a week w/o them and I still had them.

You think the dots are maybe just a part of your Hypnogogic Imagery? If you don’t know, that’s the stuff that appears inside your eyelids every night, and it changes shapes and makes pictures and stuff. Some people say they’re there to sort of hynotise you and put you to sleep. A lot of people use them for WILD, but that’s to just keep their minds aware and passivly watch them until you get the vibrations, and I’ve always heard that your not supposed to get too involved with the HI or you’d fall asleep, so I’ve never tried it. Great idea. I’m gonna try it tonight. :content:

i tried it last night and i think it does increase my awareness for a longer period of time, while letting me fall asleep. Maybe with some more practise i will get lucid from them. Thanks for the idea!

I dont think it has anything to do with eyelids

because i can see them too…, and all it takes is being in total darkness., even when my eye’s are opened…

anyways,. thanks for posting that, i’ll try it too

I can see them. I have used them to help me fall saleep into a LD. But this is only the beginning.

The dots are probably hypnogogic imagery. But they are good for WILD.

Maybe the dots are little points of perceived light given off by those cells in your eyes, the rods and cones. Perhaps scrunching your eyelids pushes them together and activates a few.

Ever think that it might be energy.

I know what you’re talking about SpiritualLucidity.

I call this “the static” and it seems to be more than just dots, in fact I’d have trouble describing the shapes because they are dynamic and detailed. They exist during the day time, but it is easiest to see them with eyes closed or in the darkness cause there is little distraction. If you concentrate you will it overlap everything.

My most recent theory is that the static is our thought. Its abstract so I won’t go into detail, but basically our vision of external reality is in the for front all day, and the static is lightly overlapping. When we close our eyes to sleep however, the static comes in front, first doing the hypnogogic imagery and eventually forming the immense visual landscapes we call “dreams” (This is my theory).

Through concentration and developing of our abilities to see the static, we may have a chance to open up a different form of perception, which may be useful for observation in someway. Perhaps on a spirtual level.

The world is bathing in a pool of thought.

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I think this is probably random static caused by problems with the cells in our eyes, like someone already said. They do often seem to form shapes and stuff, but I think it’s more of a neurological thing than psychological, and it doesn’t represent anything. Although maybe I haven’t actually experienced anything quite the same as what you’re describing. The fact that you seem to be able to change their colour maybe indicates that. Or maybe that’s just imagined. Like you try to change their colour to orange, so you’re thinking about orange, so you notice more orange dots, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are more of them.

lol “such a gift” lol

Hm…I think I know what you’re talking about since this happens to me when I’m in the dark with my eyes closed. For me, at least, they start as dots, turn into tunnels, then into a bunch of patterns. It’s been like that for at least 8 years. I’ve never tried getting a LD with it, though.

Oh! I just remembered: Last night I got a ton of dreams just by closing my eyes and concentrating at the dot thingies. :content: None of them were really lucid, but it was fun because I’d wake up right away and do it again. It really must have worked 10-20 times.

I don’t know why though. Is this what anyone else sees? Ask me if you really want me to describe it…

I’ve noticed these dots for a while. Its cool how u can change the colours and make shapes - my dots will only change between purple and neon green tho :content: but yeah i make them into circles and stuff but eventually I just fall asleep. oh well.

hmm, I can’t say I’ve ever seen these dots before. When I close my eyes and concentrate on what I see I normaly just see kaleidescope like mixes of light and dark. It’s not really colorful, just brighter areas and darker areas.

Alot of people here seem to have seen these dots, and I’d like to know of a way to induce them. Does anyone do anything special at all to see them? Any specific thoughts that run through your head as you fall asleep?

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Yeah, I don’t think the “dots” are special or really help with the lucid dreaming although i suppose people who can actually do WILD could use the “dots” to lead them into their dreams but there are many other WILD techniques which are probably more effective.

As to whether i would describe the shuteye phenomena as dots i dont know, its just sort of like static on the TV i guess but if u r good at visualising u can make the tiny dots move around/change color I guess.

ah i cant really see these dots only blurs of black and white
although i did try and change colour and saw bits of colour when i wanted to but still no dots

So, how do I damage my brain to see the dots? I noticed uting pressure on my eyes I can see dots.

“So, how do I damage my brain to see the dots?” LOL actually i was wondering same thing…i wish i had something there when i fall asleep as its usually boring experience.