Strange dream - Can a dream cause you to love somone?

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By the way, i had this dream when i was still in highschool (1 or 2 years ago?)

This is really weird, In my highschool there was this girl i never really took notice of, she was popular (was, because we are in collage now) and during that time i had a dream about me and her, which completely changed my feelings towards her dramatically.

Heres how it goes, alls i can remember (i just thought of her before and felt so depressed it was unbelievable, the dream is still effecting me and i dont know why) anyway all i can remember is we were in water and everything was really quite blurry like my most of my dreams (its really hard to think about now, the feelings hard to describe) and i was sort of spinning slowly in the water with her holding each others hands slowly floating up. and i could hear beautiful music (NOTE: i swear to god it was the song “were in heaven”. also the music didnt start playing at any time, it just felt natural to be there if you understand) then we looked at eachother and started kissing so passionatly in what seemed to be the bluest sea imaginable, and then hugging eachother just floating under the water together. BUT IT WAS SOOOOO… lovely, is the only word.

it was an unreal experience, but so strange… why did i suddenly have such intense feelings for her? i didn’t even like her but now its really the only thing i think about. when i think about it my heart aches.

I know its short, but it was long enough to change me in some way forever, i’ve never forgotten or got over it either.

thoughts please.

I don’t know if a dream can cause you to love somebody.
It may revel underlying feelings.
Have you talked to her since the dream?

Well… on msn yes, not much. But underlying feelings how…? its so confusing, i KNOW i didn’t like her but it really does feel like love, i know im only 16… but its like… urgh i dont know im writing this as i go along and i won’t delete what im saying. i always do that, just so people get a full view of what im trying to say.

But it really feels like love, i mean its not that i even want to have sex with her, its just i want to be WITH HER and be around here and talk to her…but i don’t :confused:

Its real confusing for me. I forgot it partly after i left school and then coming to think about it again when i started to read up on lucid dreaming it hurts inside alot.

its like i’ve unwillingly fell in love with her…

Does she still live in the area or did you both go separate ways for school?
If she lives even remotely near-by I say just go and try to start a relationship with her and see where that takes you.

Summary- Answer your own question by being with her.

If you like her then theres a probability that she likes you. Why don’t you go and talk to her in PERSON, and tell her about the dream you had. What have you got to lose?

had a similar fealing about a month ago in a dream, but the weird part was…i have never seen her before but the next day I saw her when driving to the market, I was like HOLY SHIT!

oh, and i know how you feel, it was real love, not just lust disguised as love but REAL love. It feels so good… :hugs:

I’ve had an experience similar to this.

I had a dream about 3 months before it actually happened and I’ve never even met the girl and about 3 months later the girl shows up in my house the same room the dream happened in… but it turns out my dream lied to me… she wasn’t the girl I thought she was. But it happened almost to exact detail.

Thats kool, it has happend to me

I think i know how you are feeling.I frequently dream about people i know in a way that it makes me feel different about them when I’ve woken up. Usually this subsides after a few days as the feeling of the dream fades. There have been times though when i’ve dreamt about someone and I’ve had such intense feelings for them in the dream it doesn’t fade. This can be pretty surprising as its always people i have never consciously had feelings for before. At the moment i have a huge ‘crush’ on someone for that very reason, i say ‘crush’ as i don’t really know what else to call the feelings i have because of how they came about. In fact quite recently there was someone on a reality tv show who initially i thought was a bit of an idiot but then i had one of these dreams about him and have done repeatedly and i have to say i really fancy him now. Obviously this is slightly different to dreaming of someone you know. I think the intensity of the dream, the way it feels like it was real alters your perception of the person much in the same way as it would had you experienced it consciously ,thus your feelings are not any less valid. The big difference is of course that the person in question behaved in such a way in your dream that there is no guarantee they would do in real life and it is due to this behaviour that you feel the way you do

Well, I just had one last night… instead of the dream being about someone I know, it was about Elizabeth Hurley. Man, if this dream comes true, I’ll be the happiest person alive.

Many of my dreams cause me to feel closer to people whom I have never spoken to before… Like I wake up and feel as if I “know” that person. And, in all honesty, many of my dreams have enhanced the way I feel about people I have crushes on and whatnot…

And were in the end, damaging on my behalf. :eek:

Like peaches said, dreams are experiences and they affect you. Just like you might fall in love after a waking experience with someone. But it’s not as appropriate since you and the real person didn’t share the experience. It was the image of her.
I’m no psychoanalyst but there’s a possiblity that you had subconsciously loved her before the dream. It’s also possible that the dream was an expression of the desire to have somebody to love. “Don’t you wan’t somebody to love?” Perhaps it was an expression of Jefferson Airplane. My mind wanders…