Strange Dream Where I end up dead

I had a crap load of stuff in my dream happen. But the most memorable part of my dream was when me and another guy were shot by someone. I was shot a few times. I didn’t knwo the guy but I felt like i did. he came up to me and said he was not going to kill me, I was thankful and said something to him on that order and he pointed the gun toward my head and shot, i remember the fear I felt when He did that. I felt the bullet hit my head but it did not hurt. As the bullet went inside my head everything went black and instantly I heard a “splat” noise like my brains were coming out forcefully. I kind of felt it come out too. in the middle of the splat noise i woke up and the noise finished. It was pretty odd.the noise was about 1 second long.

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Well, there’s several account of dreams where people die, in more than one “Dying in dreams” topics plus others. So it’s somewhat a common experience. Or do you want an interpretation for your dream? Just ask if you need one :smile: but remember that you’re the best one for interpreting your own dreams :wink: Just ask yourself the basic questions like “Why it happened?” or “What did that detail mean?”.
Good luck :content:

this sounds exactly like a dream I once had!

Iv’e never died or been hurt by someone else in a dream ever…