Strange Dreaming

I’m confused.
I havent been actively trying to up my dream recall yet whereas I normally dont remember a dream for months on end, in the last 3 nights ive remembered 6.
Now I only remember a couple of them. But I know that 3 of them were nightmares as they woke me up, the other 3 were fine.
Any idea why this might be happening?

I’m not sure but when I first started trying to lucid dream I had a lot more (non) lucid dreams and they were considerably more vivid too.

Thats the thing though, I havent been trying to LD at all.
I joined here in the summer holidays and forgot about it completely until this started happening, then I remembered that maybe you guys could help.

Maybe from reading the forums and thinking about LD’s your subconscious picked up on this. That could be the reason for your better dream recall even though you might not be actively practicing anything. Just a thought :smile:

Maybe, but I havent read these forums for a couple of months now, and this didnt happen when I did.
Unless something sparked an unconcious link I reckon this is doubtful.
Anyway, i’m going to sleep, see if the dreams return again tonight.

That happened to me too. In the first couple of days of finding this site I was reading everything like mad and I had two lucid dreams in a row and one a couple of days later. They have slacked off now but I still do get them quite often. My ultimate goal is one of those “real” lucid dreams where they last for hours and all my senses are working perfectly and I can fly.

Never had it that much , I … :sad:

Well, if you can’t remember your dreams, make up your own! Imagine that you’re dreaming and do the most random things that pop up in your head.

For instance, once I imagined I was in a huge city shooting thunder out of my head and tornados out of my hands, destroying everything. Then I put on these giant spring-shoes and jumped up into the air until eventually I was in outer space. Then I grew so large the planets were like marbles. I snagged Pluto in my hand and tossed it at Nuptune, knocking all the planets into the sun. After that I grabbed the Sun and unscrewed it, seperating it in half and pouring millions of black dominoes in a perfect diagonal row down into infinity. I floated above them and shrunk back down to original size, making the dominos big as office buildings. I fell down and knocked down the first domino, running as fast as I could as they toppled down into the infinity of space.

That’s basically it. I’ll add more in my spare time. Whenever I do this sort of thing my dreams become really wild and crazy!

Last night I didn’t remember anything either except one small thing.
I remember the screen of my phone cracked. A massive crack all the way across. I would hate this because it’s new and I love it!


Maybe its the nightmares who gets you to remember them ?

Because I always wake up from the nightmares, therefore its logical to assume that the dreams are still in my mind!

I wonder why i’m getting nightmares all of a sudden?

Because you remembers them? :razz:

In my experience it does not take much to improve your dream recall. Just thinking I will remember my dreams can some times yield amazing results. Since you visited this site you must have thought about dreaming. When you first joined I am sure the first thing you learned was that it was important to remember your dreams. Even though you are not trying, dream recall is still in your head and therefore you are remembering more of your dreams. The fact that some of them just happen to be nightmares is probably a coincidence. It could be that you have a lot of nightmares but you just did not remember them until now. Anyway you should learn more about lucid dreaming because the skills you will learn will help you deal with nightmares quite easily. Anyway, that is just my 2 cents.