Strange Dreamsign. Soldiers covered in wax.

Somthing happened in a dream yesterday that was a little strange to me. Besides the fact that I was in the guise of Sam from Lord of the Rings and was surrounded by charecters from The Wheel of Time, there was an event that has really stuck with me. The group I was with and I came upon a castle that was being attacked by a depleted force. The small force was taking refuge in a the loft of a small barn with three sides. I climbed up the latter to have a look at them. There were about twenty-five or thirty dragoon looking soldiers covered in a layer of wax. They looked uneasy yet eager to keep their composier. I stress that only their exterier was covered in wax.
I thought that perhaps this is connected to things in RL like fake things being made from wax (fruit, figurines ect). Like perhaps their exterior was fake but their insides were real. Perhaps what they were fighting for was fake yet their ideas and virtues and intent of what they stood for was real. I dont know. Any insite on what this may mean would be appriceated.

Reading a bit of fantasy I suppose. Heh bloody Nynaeve probably got pissed off and turned them to wax. J/K um… had you done anything in the past few days dealing with like a choclate dipped strawberry or sumting that has a hard exteriour with some type of internal object?

personally i would say it was more feelings.

On the outside they are strong and putting up a brave front. Where as inside they are scared, emotionally hurt, tired etc.

short and sweet but it think iget the point across - the vinear that peopel wear on the out side doesn’t reflect how they truely feel.

Thanks for the viewpoints. For all I know, it was probably one of the Aes Sedai (one of the Reds no doubt). J/k.
But I did encounter somthing with a waxlike exterior. Sombody in my house mentioned that the soup for lunch had a film over it. We also talked about the film that water has over its surface. It could be that. However, I got the impression that it was along the lines of what Dark Matter mentioned, as I said in my origonal memo. The men did act brave, yet I sensed the contrary.
Thanks to you who posted and continue to have fun and converse on the forum.
Sweet dreams,