Strange Experience - Experienced Dreamers Needed

This morning I woke myself up with an alarm and successfully tried MILD, I had my first ‘non spontaneous’ lucid dream :grin: . Unsurprisingly, I got so excited that everything began to fade into whiteness, I tried spinning but was useless and eventually I lost movement and sound became distorted.

Here’s the confusing thing - I did not wake up but entered a non LD for a few moments before actually waking up. I remember my vision returning and I was in the same place I had been in my dream but everything was just normal and I did not think about lucidity, then I woke up properly.

Why didn’t I wake up directly - Please don’t say this was one of those ‘fake’ lucid dreams, I’ve had those annoying things before. But this one felt so exciting and the dream faded just how I’ve heard it described before. Does this happen regularly?

Thanks for any help.

That sounds a bit like a false awakening to me, but not quite. Cause you said you got excited, so you were probably expecting to wake up. And so maybe your mind just didn’t quite get to having a false awakening, then forgot, and you forgot that you were dreaming, so it carried on like normal.

This sounds very familiar to the WILD I had last night…
My alarm was going off when my LD finished. However, when I heard it I entered another non-LD in the same room with a man from my last dream hitting a triangle with a spoon(?) then i woke up…

This happens about once every few weeks for me, usually in vivid dreams. I enter a “secondary” dream for about 2 seconds, but it follows on with the same general theme from the last dream… very strange. :alien:

Maybe its the irrational mind trying to “piece together” what is happening, but in the process the workload on the irrational mind makes you forget what just happened and you lose whatever lucidity you began with…

well thats one of my theories… :neutral: