Strange Experience

My friend introduced me to LD and told me that when im in bed i should count “1 im dreaming, 2 im dreaming, 3 im dreaming etc.” while im in bed so i tryed that last night.

I started counting at around 10:10 after a while of counting, i felt half a asleep and then i suddenly realised i had stopped counting so i tryed to remember what number i was upto and 625 popped into my head so i began counting from there, after reaching around 630 i thought, this cant be right i dont remember counting this high, I checked the clock and saw it was 10:20. I then checked how long it took me to think “1 im dreaming.” it took me around 1 second to say a number followed by im dreaming, I then worked out that 625 at 1 second each was round about 10 minutes?

Can anybody explain what happened or is it just a coincidence?

Not sure, but it is probably some sort of SP/HI effect.

By the way, welcome to the forum!!

Whenever I tried this techniqe, it seems like my brain would mess up the order of then numbers when counting. Such as skipping 5 or 7 numbers at a time and losing my place when another thought entered my head, and then completely forgetting where i was. I think maybe because (not sure if i read this or i came to this conclusion) part of our brains fall asleep when we WILD, or something like casue it seems so hard to count from 1 to 100 while doing a WILD and not mess up. Thats why I dont do that counting thing anymore theyre are alot better ways in my opinion.

  1. A breathing technique is to breathe in four counts… hold two… exhale four and imagine that you are floating down… feel that sensation. Float down on every out breath… then hold two and repeat. Focus on HI. It will happen in time. you can also imagine yourself floating up which might be easier, and i think personally it is

  2. You didnt metion it but when you say 1 im dreaming, or entering a dream, 2 Im… your supposed, or it helps to imagine walking down a set of stairs, to the pace of the 1…2…3.

3.And when you hear the ringing in your head (if you havent gotten it, youll know it when you do) concentracte on it, and you should get tingles, if im thinking of the "order’ of the feelings right. And just stay calm and controll your breathing when your getting close, and youll become lucid. It’s all about patience, ive been at it for about 2 weeks and I am getting so close, so just keep at it and the best luck to you.

thank you tenebrae, i will try the breathing excercise tonight but if that does not work i will be back to the counting but imagine myself walking down some stairs as you suggested