Hi all.

Glad I found this site, just what I’ve been looking for.

One quick question I need an answer for.

About 8 years ago I was lying down on the couch, curled up in the fetus position, resting at night with only the light of the candle on the table about 2’ in front of me. I was kind of mesmerised watching the flame when I had a weird experience.

All of a sudden I found myself faced away from the candle facing the opposite way on the couch. I found that I could see straight through the couch and the wall to a view outside. Almost the same as the ‘real’ life view of what it might have looked like from that position but with a surreal light effect and I had an ability to see inside other peoples homes, also seeing people walk along the road.

I freaked out a little and tried to turn back around, I thought I might have fallen asleep and panicked because I realised the candle was still lit. I couldn’t turn around, the visions of the external veiw disappeared and I was left staring at the fabric of the couch I was lying on. What seemed like 5 seconds or so I struggled to shift my body around but I was totally paralysed. All of a sudden I’m back at my original position staring at the candle wide-eyed.

My brother was lying across the room from me and I sat up and immediately asked how long I was sleeping for ( I thought I just had a weird dream). He said I was stupid as I had just barely sat down a couple of minutes before and I had been talking to him up until a minute or so ago.

I explained what had happened to him and he was sure it was some kind of OBE. He used to have that skill but tells me now that I ‘stole’ the skill from him that day and he hasn’t had one since! LoL … crazy huh!

Anyway … what do you guys think?
Was it a mini-OBE or an hallucination, perhaps sleep paralysis?
Curious to find out your opinions.

It sure sounds like it was an oobe.

Bleh… post got erased from a database error… simply put I said:

Definitely an OBE.
Did you say you had sleep paralysis in your OBEing body? I thought this was only physically possible and I didn’t know your mind ever remaps it to your dreaming body. Did I miss something?

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. I’ll try to explain more carefully.

I can only imagine I was OBEing at the time.
So the scene went as follows:~

  • ~Lying staring at candle.

  • ~I then somehow experienced the ‘views’ of the road, people, houses outside of the house I was in.
    It felt strange to me and realised I could not possibly be seeing through the wall and couch, that’s when I then became aware that my position had changed and I had been lying with my back to the candle and panicked to turn back over to make sure it wasn’t burning the place down.

  • ~That was when I could now only see the view of the couch, not the external views and realised I couldn’t turn over … in my mind I was struggling and trying hard to, like in a dream where you try to run but can’t … but my body wasn’t moving.

  • ~Then all of a sudden I was facing the candle again, ‘wide-eyed staring’ at it but I hadn’t actually physically moved at all. My view had gone from staring at the pattern on the couch facing the wrong way to staring at the candle flame in a split-second.

    At NO point in this whole experience did I move physically from staring at the candle in front of me.

I hope that was perhaps clearer this time, it’s kinda weird to work out in a logical manner when what happened was totally illogical.

Yeah… I guess you were in sleep paralysis in your OBE then. I guess that is what people mean when they say they feel like they are being attacked by evil spirits in sleep paralysis. I always thought SP was a physical phenomenon, and that any sort of strange experiences associated with it is psychological, but what you are saying is that you can be having an OBE and SP at the same time. That explains why people feel like they are being atacked, etc, because really they are in an OBE, not awake yet. So, there is a difference between hallucinative SP (SP during an OBE) and physical SP (SP when you know everything is “normal”). I didn’t know the former even existed, but I suspected it, it explains a lot.

Kmcdonald, I don’t see why you think it is an OBE - this is when you actually leave your body and fly/walk off somewhere. What you call hallucinative SP is not OBE, this is the most common type of SP - where you are conscious, eyes open, but still paralysed and seeing dream images. While you may see your room as it really is, you can also see it differently. The usual combination is to see the room normally, but with a person/entity intruding - this is why it seems so real. It is also very common to feel fear (eg. the candle) and desperately try to move.

I’ve had a very similar experience where I ‘flipped’ over half way through the episode, and I put it down to just another set of hypnogogic dream imagery - verging on a dream. I’ve also had an OBE before, and it was quite a different thing. Incidentally my room looked exactly as it should (including the fact that it was dark, as in real life) but I could float all around it.

Most people will have sleep paralysis before they leave the body. or should I say project. You have an etheric body that stays in your physical body all the time, and when you sleep, the etheric body makes a copy of itself and the copy is the one who goes out and travels. So you are in two places at one time. If any of you are interested in projection, I strongly recommend you read Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, or check out …It’s the best! He’s dedicated his life to researching projections, dimensions, energy work, etc.

Hell Itself- exactly the same can be said about Obe.From my experience(5or 6 of them) its very similar.There are strange shades,some furniture isnt in place,some is new,some ppl there who are not supposed to…so on so on.
But there was no way i was Sp-ing.
just a thought

must have been an awesome experience…

I have had odd experiences when ive been younger and never had any explanation for them… sometimes when i lied down onto the couch and closed my eyes, pretty soon after(5-10 seconds maybe) i would feel a sensation of my body being lifted up maybe 20-30cm, kind of like floating. then feels like rays of like light, or photons, began pulling me apart, and no it didnt hurt, i would think that teleportation would feel like that… at the same time my body would kind of shift around, as if mirror images, you know your facing left then you face right your in same position but in different direction…

I never got scared of this cos i think i could always just open my eyes and the sensation would go away…
but the experience never went further from that… and i still wonder what it was, i think i get them sometimes still, but not definetely not as often, because then i could get it quite often, almost at will…

i similiar thing happened to me! but it was when i first heard about LDs, and i wrote something on a piece of paper, and put it in front of my computer screen. and i suddenly felt so tired, that i went to my bed and lied down and fell asleep. all the sudden i am in front of my computer again, and i take the piece of paper and read it. it says nothing, then i say to myself “i must be dreaming” and all the sudden, i get paralyzed and see myself sitting in the couch in my room infront of my computer, and after about 5 seconds i am inside myself as if my mind was awake but my body wouldnt do the things i wanted to do. i got desperate and tried to wake up, with no success. after beeing very afraid, all the sudden i wake up in my bed! that was really weird and it felt uncomfortable! i dont know if it was an OBE, or if it was an low-level LD… someone comment plz :sad: