strange feeling..

I was resting…and trying out some meditation techniques…everyone gets stressed :content:

Anyway I started falling asleep because I was lying down. Then my body started feeling numb and started feeling as though it was shaking, and I saw these weird bright things. Then someone disturbed me. :neutral:

Strange…what would you guys say it was?

You were starting to fall asleep (see WILD).

That’s normal.

The strange feelings were probably part of sleep paralysis and the bright things were HI. If you try it again you could get a WILD

tried it tonight…couldnt get past that sleep barrier =P

pointers? even though i suppose with practice i could bring it over. heehee…

on another note during that period i remembered a dream i forgot earlier. interesting.


Hello, oddish! :smile:

I think that’s exactly what you want to reach when you do WILD. The process of the body being paralyzed (ready for sleep) and the hypnagogic imagery. Your mind has to stay awake during this process and you can lucid dream!

Yup that definately was SP. That’s a very very good sign that you can achieve that state while still awake!

ooo…that seems promising =P

Uhmmm…going to try again…anyway, what should i do after that feeling? The last few times i tried it just faded away and my mind went back to my body feeling all tensed up. Then again during that period my mind started somewhat drifting… When I realised i was drifting it would stop also…Meh.

mmm…Does asking for pointers go here >_<

Thinking back the bright stuff probably was the light I forgot to turn off before I tried it…last night I could get that state but couldn’t get further, so I went here and posted that message. 12 midnight. Wow. Didn’t realise it was so long…


I think you should try concentrating on not drifting away, but letting your body do the process of falling asleep. But not your mind! Stay relaxed. That is the secret to WILDing.

:content: That means i was close without even trying =P

But I think i should work on the basics first…Because when this happened I hadn’t even started trying to remember what i dream…hee.

Need to do some…programming? because for now they only come back when I reach that state…not in the morning…

Remembered another dream i forgot falling asleep in school during a lesson :tongue: (hey Singapore is hot…and humid…and…warm…and…it makes people sleepy. Like me.)


Hey, you are close. Just keep letting your body fall asleep - but not your mind. :happy: