Strange feeling....

Well many of you may guess im new to this site so dont be suprised if im lacking knowledge. Anyway last night was the first time i tried to become lucid(I hav bin partcially lucid in the past to the point where i controlled my actions but went with the flow of the dream) and i got a strange feeling. I was lying in bed thinking and saying “I will remeber my dream i will become lucid” every now and then as i built a dream senario from the past in my head. Naturally I began to feel hazy and tired till i forgot was going on then i felt a strange muscle spasm shoot through my body and even with my eyes closed i cud tell they were shooting around eratically. That kinda made me pannik and after about 5 seconds I was wide awake. If anyone can tell me what happened please do.

It sounds like WILD (wake induced lucid dreaming) , the vibrations probably disturbed you so you didn’t enter a dream. Read the Big WILD Topic.

i had a weird experience last night it felt like i was inbetween dreaming and waking up cant really remember where i was but i looked at my hands and said something like am i dreaming
i sort of became aware but but couldnt really do anything and just seemed to stand there doing nothing until i woke in my bed
this happened twice is it a good sign that im close to an LD

I think I know what happened after going through another site. I was concentrationg on my third eye or something and went into a um… self induced REM sleep. That accounts for the muscle spasm and then feeling paralyzed and for the eyes moving rapidly.

Thanks Moogle you were right :content:. I guess i was just confused because I wasnt to sure about what everything was. Cant wait till im able to have a DL from a WILD from what I heard your control is twice as good.

woah. Supernova, do you get a weird “headache” type feeling in addition to the body shocks? I get this when I try to “force” myself into a dream. (I’m not sure if this is healthy, but it works)

I guess that’s WILD, then…that’s what I’m best at. I enter that strange place where I get the “headache” and slowly I can see through my eyelids, into my room. Very strange. I need to practice with this more :happy:

It could be HH/HI thing going on…or you were vibrating as said above…basically when you dont move, and you begin further entering REM - you start vibrating (ONLY if you dont move, of course) Its supposed to happen. The HI/HH stuff is like…I have this often. I drift off, am consciously dreaming but its almost as if I were subconscious, and I come back with this HUGE spasm, moving everything in my body. about 80% of the time or more, I dont remember what I was consciously dreaming about…

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I think that was HI, not HH btw. Anyways - it seems to me you were entering a trance, is what caused it. Unless it WAS the vibration solution, if thats so - see above.

Ya it scared me quite a bit and the more I read about WILDs the more I think thats probably what it was. I have a feeling that if I wouldnt have freaked out the way I did I might have achieved a LD. O well I guess Ill just remember that and hope for the best mext time.

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Yes, I have had a headache feeling during WILD. Other things that can happen to you are the vibrations, strange noises, glorious music, screams and different spasms, basicallyt anything odd seems to hapopen