strange feelings


i was just wondering if someone could explain this.

one night i on my bed lying on my back with my eyes closed, and trying not to move at all. then after a while i would feel like i am miles away from my body with my eyes still closed. you know how you have your eyes closed and your there then all of a suden you still have your eyes closed but you feel far away.

does this make any sense?

aprecieate any comments
:confused: thanks :help:

In my opinion, you feel like that when you are starting to fall asleep

i get this alot, but VERY intensly, i feel miles from my body, but at the same time very close to it, and like im very very big, yet very small at the same time, and also, my bodys eyes are closed but my (im me but not in my body) eyes are open, and i can see my body floating in nothingness, but after like 5 mins of this io just cant keep my eyes open, i have to open them =/

Sounds like what’s called an out-of-body experience: