Strange forms of lucidity

I had a dream the other night wherein I found an old temple or bunker… I think it was made of concrete but it seemed to be constructed more like a temple. The opening looked down into the temple… like the hole into the area with the snakes in IJ & the Lost Ark.

ANYWAY… my point is that inside this bunker were these containers, some barrel sized and some coffin sized, that contained a goo. When I would think of something and concentrate on it, the object I was desiring would rise out of the goo (without being all sticky and gooey). It was like being lucid or a preamble to being lucid and yet, although I feel I was close to doing so, I didn’t recognize it because it was within the context of the dream. That was a bit frustrating.

However, I find that, without going through any sort of excercises like RCs or WBTB, the more I read about and think about and desire to have lucid dreams, the more my brain tries to do it on its own. When I have lucid dreams I find that they occur randomly. My brain simply recognizes the dream for what it is OR, as in this case, it begins to put in lucid dream aspects into my normal dreams as though its trying to bring me closer to my goal. Anyone else find this happening?

I often dream about something unreal, like having supernatural powers, but I just accept it - “ok, so I’m a Jedi, let’s have some fun”, but it’s not like being lucid. I believe everything’s real and do only what I can do - for exmpl as a Jedi.
My (few) lucid dreams have been random, too. I am just realising that it’s a dream when everything seems real and “normal” - it’s a moment, and it’s not connected to my thoughts at the time. Just poof “I’m dreaming!”

I found myself jumping a lot in dreams after being able to jump in a lucid dream. I did this in RL and fell down, just for the heck of it. There are side effects of getting lucid… good side effects…