Strange happening with first induction of LD?

Last night I went to bed with the intension of trying haggart’s method (Finger induced lucid dream.) I planned on waking up to an alarm at 5:20 in the morning and going back to sleep wiggling my fingers etc.

Around 5:00 i rolled over in my sleep or while i was barely conscious and knocked over a speaker on my night stand. This startled me awake but left me very sleepy. I decided that it would be an opportune time to try FILD. I start to wiggle my fingers slightly and relax deeply. I “felt” myself slip into my dream, I didn’t need to do a reality check I knew for sure that I was dreaming. Even so, i tried breathing while using my tongue to close the airways in the back of my throat. I could breathe.

This is where things got iffy. :confused: My dream consisted of a screen like projection engulfing my view. It was a rectangular shape. When I tried to look away is could only see blackness on the outside, like the black around your screen if you’re viewing on a wide screen some times. I would look away then the screen retracted into the center of my view. I tried to visualize a new setting but I ended up waking myself up.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Questions? Suggestions?

Other than this happening I am very happy that I attained this LD with ease, as it was my first that was a form of WILD/WBTB :happy:

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Hello NightFlyer,

At first I must say that your signature is awesome :tongue:.

Second, congrats on your success.

Third, when inducing a dream from wake state, such as WILD, DEILD, FILD, and etc, at the beginning of your dream, things will probably be weak, blurry, with limited visibility.

There are 3 solutions for that problem:

  1. Wait calmly until your dream stabilizes (easiest, but may be time consuming);
  2. Spinning, as LaBerge recommends (may not work, you may end in another scenario or get a FA);
  3. Forcefully ask your dream scenario to stabilize (hardest, you may wake up or get a FA).

Just keep yourself calm and aware while in there, and it will be as long as possible.

alright next time this technique works ill try those things. I normally do but it was just different than any lucid dream i’d ever had before.

I can only tell you something: “Congratulations !”.

Don’t worry about anything else - you did have a LD after all, didn’t you ? Next time, it’ll be better ! FILD may be you’re method if it worked that well for you…

Good luck on the coming LD’s you’ll have ! :smile: