Strange HI

Last night i was lying on my couch, going to sleep, when something weird occured, but had happened to me before a few times. I was starting to see HI, not trying to do a WILD ( and yes i know that you get HI even though you don’t try) and i was starting to see images of me in my pool, playing around with a volleyball, passing it to some people.When i heard someone behind me (in the visions) calling for me. I turn around and the person throws the volleyball straight towards my face. It was so real that i actually tried to block it in the real world. Now the feeling when it happened was hard to explain, it was like when you go you’re on a rollercoster and you feel the g force. Anyways, have any of you had a similiar experience or know what it is ?

It does sound like a crazy experience :happy: I remember around a year ago when I first found out about lucid dreaming I had some HI and a giant ball of energy was heading my way, I got pretty scared. My body felt extremely heavy during that time, probably the same feeling you experienced. But I didn’t move :wink:

So I guess it was just some unusually intense HI you got and it just freaked you out.

It’s very similar to hypnagogic jerk. While you experience hynagogic images or sensations then you could because of too much excitement or reality of the experience jerk = act/react on experience. For example and most common hypnagogic jerk is when you falling and then you jerk so hard that you could actually fall down from bed…

I have… Many times. One time someone threw a ball at my face and I woke up exactly before it touched my face and the same second my alarm clock started to ring .

I don’t know but one time I was sleeping and before I fell asleep I had HI at least I think it was, and I saw myself in a truck with my Mom, her exact truck, and all the sudden a huge truck comes by and it makes this loud noise and that’s all I remember, it looked so real. I opend my eyes and told my Mom.

A yes, I have those from time to time. Though I’m pretty sure that once you actually experience a scene like you did, then it’s a dream in NREM sleep. It is possible to dream outside of REM sleep as well. :wink:

And then there are the hypnagogic jerks that the others described. I hate those myself.