Strange LDs

So these past two nights, something weird has happened. I become “lucid”, simply saying that I know that I am dreaming, but I have no control of my dreams whatsoever. I’m not sure if this is “false lucidity” or simply my inexperience showing.
And excerpt from my DJ, last night:

You can read the other dreams here. Thanks for your help!

I’m guessing it’s your frustration, and excitement. If your emotions are too strong, it may hinder all your lucid abilities. You knew it was a dream, so it was definitely lucid. Just try to calm yourself next time.

Thanks for the reply! :tongue:
Yeah, I guess I always thought that. It seems so hard for me to control emotions in dreams. I’m trying to work on that.

You shouldn’t become frustrated if you find that you haven’t much control. It’s normal to experience difficulty when trying to control a dream.
Now, the paralysis you had on the island might have just been residual SP finding its way into your dream. It’s important to be patient when that happens, and to immerse yourself in the dream to try and flush out the SP. If the paralysis persists, I’ve found it helpful in the past to simply exert my will over the situation and affirm that I’m dreaming.

I had a similar experience last night, except I tried to stay calm. And it was working! Thanks! I just kept hearing household noises (mainly my dog barking) so I never really got fully into the dream, I kept waking up.

lol… castles and princes… what’s with us?! :tongue: