Strange lucid dream

About ten years ago I had a lucid dream and in the dream , I was standing with many other people looking up in the sky at a large swirling black hole. To my suprise the guy next to me said "Are you awake too?
People were leaving the ground and floating up into this vortex, I said to the guy “Where are they going?” He said "Back to the past " . So I decided I would try it so thinking of a date and place I went back to not my child hood but to my Dad’s childhood. I met him,
The strange thing is in the dream I gave him a 22 caliber six shooter , The real strange thing is he told me that a strange man had given it to him when he was young. So my question is can anyone here explain what really happened? You see I never really new how he had gotten the gun untill after the lucid dream I had.

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But the most likely explanation is that at some time in the past you had overheard your father talking about the event. Even though it wasn’t possible for you to remember, the information would have been in your brain.

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I agree with what moogle said. I’m a sceptic when it comes to things like shared dreaming, reincarnations, precognition and all that. So I think the most logical explanation is that you knew about this story from your father somehow and thus dreamt about it in some way. Another possible constellation is that you actually dreamt about something a little different, but when the story of your father came into play, you made the connection with your dream and filled in some gaps and changed some of your memories to accommodate. Memory is a very fickle thing and doesn’t work like we assume. In general it is much less accurate and stable than we tend to believe.

To highlight this, there are a bunch of psychological experiments that prove this. For example, if you ask the witness of a traffic accident “how fast did the car smash into the truck“, they will make up much greater velocities than had you asked “how fast was the car when it grazed the truck“. And it may not have even touched the truck at all, witnesses will still very likely respond in this way, because we are susceptible to suggestion.

But I also agree with moogle that the dream was really awesome. Like I said, we are usually sure that events happened the way we remember them at the moment of recall. So even though I’m convinced there’s nothing supernatural gong on with your dream, it will definitely give you this feeling that it must be. I always find such things very intriguing :wink:

The thing is

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Now carrying on,at some point,your brains realised this even without your knowledge or with.See,our SC and conscious brain can know more than we actually do.Like Eye dilation,we never knew about this until I saw that topic in my chromebook.

The possibility of actually experiencing it is great,since youre brain knows it,it makes it in dreams.

Thats all I say

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Thanks for your insight probably talked about it when i was young and I didn’t remember it .
Yet I did have a lucid dream and have had many since then. All I do is repeat to myself as I am going to sleep that I will know I am dreaming when I’m dreaming. At some point a trigger lets me know and I do what ever I desire to do in my dreams It is fantastic. again thank you for your help I
wasn’t sure with this one.

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this is a really interesting and beautiful dream! If i were you i would meditate on it and visualize it so you can get back there into that dream and explore it!

I’m sure I’ve had psychic dreams before I just don’t remember them right now. Dreams about being an angel and dreams about my dead grandmother walking across Africa.