Strange Messages from your Brain

Got more crazy stuff yesterday

I love doing this, but for the really interesting stuff to be clear I have to be really tired or distracted.

Some of my best so far:

  • Something in which the phrase ‘gay sharks’ was repeated a lot
  • something about ‘the munchkin liason’ involving the phrase ‘bruise them and welcome their appetites.’
  • Two really strange times when I actually physically heard someone say something. The first was “I didn’t know he was Japanese,” and the other was something about there not being school on a certain day in february.

:eh: hmm.

What is odd, is that this phenomenon is audible most frequently at my chess club at school. Many people will just stare at the board for a while, and then say something totally random before making a move. OK its only a few of us but its odd that it happens most often at that occasion.

I come up with all kinds of nonsense while I’m in bed, similar to daydreaming but 5x faster and a lot less coherent. One thing that fascinates me about NDs is that ofttimes my dreams seem to have some kind of ‘moral lesson’ like a message from whomever makes these dreams for me to use in real life. My subconscious self, perhaps?

Har har, gotta love this junk. Happens all the time. A lot of the times, I’ve noticed, it starts when the thoughts I’m having start having their own closed captioning like on the telly. XD After that point, it’s usually coupled with random scenes that form into dreams, such as my friend J fighting over a carton of chocolate milk. :lol:

Yes, I am quoting myself…

Anyway, I just found a Wikipedia article that might explain why I like to think this way… and it even has a cool, ominous name: Shadow

I didn’t even know there was a word for it and everything till now… read it, it’s cool.

Maybe I should start a new topic about it if someone hasn’t already…

Could it be a weird–sounding version of “Igreja Bem–Me–Queira?” (To explain this shortly to the non Portuguese–speakers: bem–me–quer is the “loves me” as opposed to “loves me not” in Portuguese—in that game in which you take petals from a flower and say one of the phrases, alternatively, for each petal.)