Strange Messages from your Brain

I’ve noticed that sometimes, when I lay down, I tend to have weird thoughts. Mostly just memories of stuff I saw/heard/lived/etc throught the day, or random stuff, but this night I had an odd experience.

From my DJ:

Anyone ever had similar experiences? Any thoughts about these? Please share them :smile:


But I have that ALL the time, while awake, even, the back voices just never stop. Just get distracted and you might get a weird thought, conclusion, or even a mental dialogue! But you’re right, before sleeping it’s way more evident. I always think I should write those down, but I’m usually already falling asleep. I love those thoughts, they’re fascinating and sometimes hilarious!

I love that to. Just letting your mind wander about without distraction. I get the wierdest mental images out of that while I’m in halfsleep. But they usually go as soon as they come (unfortunatly).

But I guess that state just before sleep is a form similar to meditation… or am I just making that up?

This happens to me too, right before I fall asleep. Most of the time its people talking in nonsensical coversations or doing bizarre things. :grin:

During daytime I get it, but it’s way less evident, and way less random. But it’s good when you need an idea, and helps with creativity somehow, doesn’t it? :happy:

Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I love my internal monologue; it keeps me in the best of moods during the day. Just yesterday, a woman who works at my school stopped me and mentioned that ever since last year, I always seem to walk around with a smile on my face. You’d be smiling too if you had my inner monologue. :grin: It’s just a shame I rarely get to express myself. :roll: There’s a lot I need to get out, and as a result, I have a tendency to let it out on my family. :wink:

My mental dialogue is always the best; it usually involves two or more mental versions of me, talking among themselves in different fashions. Most of the time it might involve one character playfully making fun of the other (or myself…well, it’s myself making fun of myself, sometimes in a satirical manner). Other times, it’s just voices trying to make me laugh, hence all the smiling and acting like a fool.

For the most part, I don’t remember most of the thoughts I have before going to sleep, but there’s no doubt that they would be equally as weird. :yay:

Hehe i get this a lot, and usually its pretty funny, my friends used to think i was weird, because all of a sudden, i’d start smiling or laughing for no reason. but now they laugh with me coz they think its ridiculous :tongue:

but its kinda bad at night, because all of a sudden it will interrupt my thoughts and wake me up, for example sometimes i will hear my mom talking really loud or even screaming in my ear. but that might be more to do with hypnogogic whatchamacallit.

Anyone ever had the sensation just before you fall asleep (or just after 10 minutes your trying to sleep) you see like a vision in your head and the scenario is frightening or action , like you think about someone trhowing a rock and suddenly you have the biggest shock of your life , like when someone hide and give you a ‘‘booh’’ …

Hahah, I thought it was just me that had these mental dialogues. That’s exactly as BlissfulBlues described it, mental versions of me making fun out of everything I see(really everything). It often reminds of “The Mask” :tongue:

Yes I have this too, many times. When I’m fallling asleep or just in the mid of the day i see myself doing things, like I’m dreaming. But somtimes when this happens to me when I’m falling asleep it can also be HI.

Unlike everyone else, I don’t get these internal monologues often. When I do, it’s always stuff that I would typically think about anyway.

However, if I deliberately think about nothing, I do see pictures, like a scene from a dream. I’ve seen lots of interesting things that way, usually faces of random people.

Yes, I’m boring, I know. :tongue:

happends to me too,but i cant remember the stuff becouse it is dimension free.i am lousy in math,but that internal person resolves some great math problems looking and connecting something like dimension or event tunnels(even visualising)(wtf?),saying :aha,
this is logical,hmm,yeah etc.then i find out ,what is that i am thinking about,must be insane!!!Shake my head,fall to sleep…

I think like that it is our subconsciousness that lives its own life knowing everything ,and we can hear it thinking in words when we stop our ego thinking ,just before falling a sleep.Later makes no sence.

I get random stuff sometimes but uasualy not diolog. I will suddley for no apperent reason burst out laughing because of something that just acured to me, and often my odd, high pitched gigle laugh makes other people laugh wichh makes me laugh more. It uasily happens when I’m getting bored or sad so I think it’s my mind saying “be happy! It’s way more fun!” Yesterday my friend had purple on her nose and was aked why and I (for whhatever reason) said shhe dipped her nose in jelly, she freaked out and told me I was crazy but was laughing.

I got more crazy stuff this night…


This is actually my first post in here :smile:

Anyway, I’m sure it’s the same thing, but once I was sitting up at night trying to get an essay written down. I was really tired, but tried to keep on writing what I was supposed to.
As I play World of Warcraft and as I was almost falling sleep on the chair I suddenly saw something from the game. Maybe it was the beginning of a dream, but the thing I really liked was when I “woke up” I noticed that I had written “stay away from casters” which can be a good advice in WoW.
Probably not the same, but nevertheless fun :smile:

I had the “multiple versions of yourself” thing, but it got ridiculous when I started getting 3 or 4 or even more going on at the same time.

Now I have it all assigned to a single mental character (who incidentally is also a SG / DG of sorts). I recently realized “he” is my exact opposite: I rarely get mad but he gets exasperated and swears a lot, often prompting me to swear back. On the other hand I get sad a lot and he has never done so. If I start thinking irrationally (like blaming myself for everything when I’m depressed) he notices right away and tells me to knock it off.

Anyway, some of the effects are me thinking differently, but by far most of it is spontaneous (explaining why he is so opinionated and notices things I would have unconsciously ignored).

And speaking of spontaneous, it seems I’ll have to cut this short and work on my English paper, aaruruhlg…

Yeah, i find myself thinking some VERY peculiar things as i am falling asleep, a couple of nights ago i found myself thinking " I must check all the cutlery before drawing the curtains"…! :eh:

You definately have more errational thoughts while falling asleep than during the day, maybe it’s your mind’s way of relieving mental stress…?

I heard about some phenomenon where your mind just makes stuff up. Some guy got brain damage and lost his ability to retain any sort of memories, and apparently that’s what would happen. So, think of it what you will.

The weirdest statements I’ve heard falling asleep were “Those were some damn hungry numbers” and “Women physics teachers don’t take critical hits.”

…Say, does anyone else here hear random music when falling asleep or waking up, even during class?

All the time. All of it, really; and I even raised the quality of the music: I noticed my mind’s radio played songs without details and the nice stuff, only the main riffs and the voices, but most of the time no drums, no many nice but rather background instruments… So jazz, for one, was stupidly simple and boring in my head. So I tried to remember more details of the music playing in my head (that’s a good way to survive a boring class) and the radio started to get better. Also, when it plays some music I don’t like, I find “The Bad Touch” (by Bloodhound Gang) and “Sound Check (Gravity)” & “DARE” & many other Gorillaz’ songs to be great to focus in and get the other one out of your mind. :smile:

I do! well, not exactly, but i find myself humming songs i have never heard of… once in a while i find myself making up lyrics, here are some i remember from last night:

black skies, moonlight so deep
i watch it all,waiting, as you fall asleep
red scarf, black shoes
your dreams you should use!

i think it might have something connected with, well, lately i haven’t been very motivated to LD…maybe it’s my minds way of telling me LDs are good and i still want to have them? it isn’t actually a bad song!