Strange nightmares; leads me into first LD

I discovered lucid dreaming a few years back and tried but I just couldn’t obtain it. Normally, I could barely remember any dreams, or even remember the last time I had a nightmare. But beginning this year, I have had very frightening nightmares usually once a week. What brought me to post here was that after researching some, I found these nightmares are very similar to what people experience while trying WILD.

For example, last night: I woke up at around 5 a.m. and tried to go back to sleep. After a short period of time I began to feel my body being ripped apart in different directions at a tremendous speed, and it was suddenly white all around me. Then random things began to appear around me flying around, peoples faces, objects, et cetera. During this I felt very scared and an extremely irritating ringing sensation made my head feel like it was about to explode. Most of my nightmares start out like this, and then end up with me having a false awakening where i run to my door to escape, where it all starts over again until I can no longer move at all.

But last night instead of that, I recognized the sensation and realized that I was dreaming. I tried reaching out and grabbing some of the random objects that flew by and was successful, and initiated my first LD! I was surprised at how easily I turned what could have been a horrendous nightmare into a peaceful outdoor scene where I proceeded to build a miniature city with materials created by my mind.

Although I’m still afraid that it’ll happen again, at least now I know that I can stop it :smile: . Maybe I’ll be able to face my fears again tonight.

Wow, that’s incredible. Well done on reaching lucidity, and who knows, you may have beaten your nightmares! :ok: :ok: :thumbs:

dances for joy

Yes most people who find that they can turn a nightmare into a positive dream ether no longer have nightmares, or start getting happy when they have them. :smile: Nightmares can be very good at getting you into LD’s.
It does sound like your nightmares are more of an old hag experance then a real nightmare, so WILD may just be the tech. of choice for you.
Good luck.

Hey Detachment!

Well done, I must say I know how it feels to beat your nightmare through an LD; I’ve done it twice! :happy:

Ahah! I successfully did WILD last night! It took me about 5 or 6 tries where my body began to vibrate and sound became distorted until I finally broke into an LD. Sadly, I was so excited that I had done it that I could only keep the dream under my control for about 40 seconds. But great progress nonetheless! Now to make use of the wealth of information on this site :smile:

Excellent! Are you a body leaver or an dream image enterer when doing WILD?