strange oobe type sort of thingy help!

like every two or three days or something im just like relaxed watching the television or listening to music or on the comp :user: but then i just like jump out of relaxation and i like feel like im being pulled out of my body :eek: but i dont actually go out i just feel like im being pulled out. ive never had an oobe. any comments?
P.S. i just had that feeling and thats what made me post this!

Karl u could be a natural trancer…thats someone who easely goes from normal consciousness into a trance stage…would mean u have talent for trance induction or hypnosis!
REad about it and if u are interested try some basic hypnosis/trance induction techs!


yea man, i have the same things i drift off into relaxations and feel like im bieng pulled but i snap out of it because i feel im not ready to obe yet(i
'll know when im ready). i feel i can pretty much obe when i want too now.

god bless

Hehe. I do something sorta like that. Sometimes if I break outta being relaxed, my vision starts to go white and occasionally I get temporarily paralysed (I’ve fallen over once :blush: ) It’s kinda weird.

I get the same thing too. I have had astral arms and legs float out as well when this happens. My solar plexus often pulsates visibly and I dont feel quite right. It sometimes lasts days at a time and I can OBE any time I relax during this (talking seconds) …and ummm… sometimes become clairaudient. This is all while awake - not dreams.

Man, I want that to happen to me. Nothing like that never has though. I’ve never had an out of body experience, and never even had sleep paralysis.