Strange place to become lucid?

I believe I’ve had maybe 3 LD’s so far and all have been DILD’s (two with WBTB). But I’ve noticed I say or realize I’m dreaming when I’m in my house and it looks very much like my real house as my other dream houses and schools are never realistic. I’m wondering why I suddenly think I’m dreaming in such a normal place rather than a random jungle and being chased by some random creatures or something.

Last night in my dream, I was sitting on the couch next to my mom in the living room. I think I was reading or something and then I say that I’m dreaming and realize it. I asked my mom if I was dreaming and she said something like “I don’t know. You might be” and I think doubt made me lose lucidity or else I don’t remember.

The only thing I can think of is that my dream becomes too “normal” and I realize it. Any other ideas? :confused:

I had a WILD in a car today.

I had an LD in bed. . . :smile:

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Not to sound rude, but obivously you two did not read my first post. :sad:

But it is also my fault to have such a misleading title as well. . .

But I read it!! HOORAY!

I find that this happens to me as well… Such as last night, I became lucid when I was in my bathroom… It was completely normal (except for the possessed faucet which appears in ALL of my dreams) and I just looked at my hand and WHAMO. I was dreaming…

The strange thing for me is, though… When I walk around that house while I LD, it’s extremely normal (although, some mysterious DC s might wander in).

I wonder why this happens to me as well… Maybe the normality of the dream triggers something in our subconscious that says “Wait, this just isn’t right”. :lol: :lol:

Thanks for reading. :happy:

I did that in my 2nd LD with the exception for some reason the rooms would go black and I’d flip on a light switch and it’d be normal again. I was amazed at how realistic my room seemed before I woke up.

I found the more you practice lucidity, the more likely you will start to question dreams that are more normal. Maybe you picked up on something that made you realise, but it was so subtle you didn’t register it and hence the doubt set it quickly.

That or it was a random lucid moment.

Yeah, I’ve had an experience where I’ve become lucid because a book had a typo on the back of it. Of course, when I munch on Scrabble tiles that taste surprisingly like cookie dough, I don’t give it a second thought.

I think it’s like Ysim says. We’re more used to checking reality in places that are already like reality, rather than in those weird dream scenarios…

Hi all, this is my first post. To answer your question, I think the more normal a dream is, the more conscious you are and able to realize it is a dream. Maybe strange dreams are being run by your subconscious, while normal dreams are being managed by you.