Strange places to LD

Not to be confused with the Funny things that make you lucid topic. :razz:

I’m talking about weird areas to fall asleep and get a LD.

Here’s some of mine:

  • The bus.
  • On a windowsill
  • During a very loud drum concert
  • During a History exam (to which I woke myself up because I had to get back to my test!):stuck_out_tongue:
  • During English class
  • In trams, trains and buses
  • During several lessons :razz:
  • On the Denmark boat once :tongue:
  • During one concert long ago

Yeah, my list is a little shorter

-Bus (it was early!)
-Shower (It was even earlier! Before I even remembered where I was IRL, I was woken up by the water getting cold)

Nice save on the History exam :tongue: I’ve dosed off a few times on tests, it’s not fun.

Nice topic! :smile:

I managed once to be lucid for a short time at work! :yes:

It was a personal LD goal/challenge, and I achieved it during a little rest on my office armchair.

The LD by itself was short (~ 1mn), but enough to remember my IRL body was on my armchair at work! :grin:

Thats some interesting places xD concerts!?

My strangest place would be in the desert while sleeping under the stars last week.

Other than that, all of my LD’s (that I remember) have been in a bed.

One of my most memorable LDs came on a night train, and another one in a tent, on a dutch camping site, on their biggest public celebration day. I should post that one. :cool:

Lol, what was that? Queensday, 5th of may, carnaval?

It was queensday, and it coloured the dream too. Literally, I was flying among orange balloons.