strange problems and downtime

The forum was down yesterday because of a power outage. When everything was back on, the server acted weird. The server time is 12 hours in the past and cannot be edited. Therefore it wasn’t possible to post on the forum for a long time since the forum thought you posted in the past.

Also the subdomains don’t work again, and neither. You can go to the dutch forum with though.

i’m working with support to try and solve this.

ha, well, turned out i was able to solve it today, i don’t know what was going on yesterday, but now i could finally reset the time and restart the nameservers so everything works again.


Its great its up again :smile:

Don’t scare me like that PasQuale! I jokingly said, “What if we don’t have ld4all anymore?” To wolf last night…then a few minutes later I asked myself that question again…but serious. Anyways…I’m happy it’s back! :grin:

:scared: It was soooo lonely with out the forum last night!

Ya, ya I’m an addict

It’s good that you got it working agian. :content:

I kind of freaked out yestarday, I thought my computer had a problem or something… got really anoyed and almost threw a rock at it! :tongue:

Really happy it’s back!!

GNARLH! You should have added me to your MSN list… it would be up in no tim :tongue:

I got mad at my ent too !

(It HAS a habit to mess with things :wink: )

I actually ended up thinking it was just my computer! I asked Wolb and a few friends to check to see if it was on!

Okay, so i’m addicted… but I just ended up worried it was my computer, and was scared in case it went down permanently!

:eek: Was there another problem last night? I couldn’t get on the forum nor! (It is very possible my computer was just being stupid…it does that a lot)

I’m not aware of any downtime last night, so i’d have to hear from others if they have experienced downtime as well.

Happened again a few minutes ago for me.

I second that. Though sometimes I think it’s just the computer I’m using. It’s been having a lot of problems staying connected to the internet as of late. :neutral:

I’ve been getting some strange problems. Everytime i try to preview, or submit a long post, such as a dream entry, the page takes ages to load, and eventually it says Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage (yes, i still use IE :tongue:)

Does anyone know why this is happening? I think it’s just my computer…


I solved the issue

The forum had a dramatical slowdown tonight from 1:00am (hour of Paris, GMT +1) to 1:20am. I’m just able to write this now. I tried to post once and when I clicked the submit button, I had to wait more than 6 minutes. Then 3 minutes to reach the forum main page again.

On the other hand, the LD4all site and guides were easily reachable and they didn’t have any problem.

this slow time has happened everynight at around midnight (which would be 1 am for you) … some nights the forum has gone completely for me since i’m on dial up. Q said it’s the time the automatic backup happens

Why was the forum gateway timing out? :eh:

i think there have been problems at the datacenter. I hope it didn’t last long.

:peek: It caused me to start to look again for a better host though. I have unil august.


It didn’t last long, it was half an hour at most. Ask them what happened, perhaps it wasn’t entirely their fault. Has it happened other times?

well that last time when it was down for several hours. But i don’t like it when the site is down :tongue:

prob is those “100% uptime guarantee” dedicated servers cost a lot more.