Strangeness of FA's


One of the most interesting things about (lucid) dreaming, I think are FA’s. I have a particular question about them, because in my dreams they all have one thing in common.

All my FA’s contain one thing that is completely out if order; I never have a FA in which I wake up normally. Everything is very realistic, but for example I wake up like a dinosaur, or I wear something totally bizarre, and still believe it is real! (and also I completely remember the LD after which the FA followed). It is almost like my unconscious is trying to ‘show who’s the boss’ or something. ("Hey man, I know you just had an LD, but that was just for fun, I will now show you that I can still fool you! :grin: ")

Do other people also experience that FA’s, while everyting is normal, have one completely bizarre component? Why could that be?


I have the same. It is just a matter of practising the not yet so advanced ludic dreamer’s mind i think. Once you get the hang of doing a good RC every time you seem to wake up after a LD it will just be a continuation of the LD.

heh, just saw the topic name and it caught me… just last night i had a normal dream, me being at an ozzy concert, and in my FA my friend was rattling me awake and i could barely get up because i was so drunk. it was very odd, the transition i mean. i kept asking my friend questions about my last dream like it was still happening, i dunno i was real wasted in my dream haha

reminds me of an FA someone posted on this board.

Whoever it was, its my favorite :grin:

Apparantly, he had an FA and recorded his dream by sticking scrabble letters on a safe. :content:


Hahaha! That’s priceless!

Can’t say much about FA’s. I’ve never had one that I can remember so, I don’t know.

I had them 15 years ago for the last time…but it never had a weird component…they looked al pretty real and there was no weirdness in them…still with some easy testing you should be able to know its a dream!

Does anyone do tests or have doubts after a fake awakening?
Thats the only way to find out.


Do you miss them?

I know it seems a strange question to ask as most people hate them with a fury. I actually enjoy them. They are quirky and strange and I’d miss it if I didn’t have one for a whole 15 years.

I agree, they can be frustrating but also kind of fun. I had an FA where I got up and went to take a shower. As soon as the water hit me, I woke up. I then got up and went to take a shower, and again, when the water hit me, I woke up a second time. My third attempt at taking a shower worked and I continued awake for the rest of the day. :smile:

Hey, has anyone had more than 2 FAs in a row? What’s the record I wonder? :confused:

No i dont RealityFailure…i would miss them if I had never experienced them at all! But i had enough of them over a sum of years :wink:

Now i just have dreams or lds and both i like very much :happy:

Sage i had once 5 in a row lol…i still can see myself in that dream…walking in my old neighbourhood and asking myself if i woke up from a dream that just took place…then tested the hard way…i tried to fly but i fell on the ground on my chin…hehehe and ouch that did hurt…then i though mm this is not a dream lol and so on till after a total of 5 fa’s i had more awareness and knew i was dreaming and succesfully was lucid. :smile:


I don’t know… let me fetch the report of the clearest FA I had that I remember.

That’s… counts four or five times. o_O; I remember that one, it was really weird… especially when I dreamt about asking my mom to keep me from falling asleep. XD So it’s more like… I had three FA’s and one false falling-asleep-thing. :content: It’s quite weird because after a few FA’s you’re really starting to know you’re dreaming, and you can’t move out of the cycle yet (or I couldn’t, anyway). Of course at the time I didn’t know anything about lucid dreaming…

And now that I DO, I never have FA’s anymore. falls over :ack: