Street Magic anyone?

Hi there,

I’ve decided the next hobby I’m going to pursue is street magic, kind of like how David Blaine does.
Is anyone else into this kind of thing, or do you know of any good websites for beginners like me?

Here’s a really good trick for you (I saw it on TV):

Produce a pack of cards and ask your chosen person to pick on from it. Once they’ve done that, have them hand it too you (but don’t look at it).
Use some tape to stick it to a brick.
Then throw the brick through the nearest shop window.
Scream when the window smashes and run off.

Im doing the same; but not only i want to learn some street,non street tricks but things like Levitation,wall walking,going through solid etc. like Criss Angel/David Blaine.

Card Tricks

And Random Tricks(David Blaine’s ones)

But you should check Criss Angel show, A & E on weds at 10pm.
He’s way better than David B. trust me, you should check it out for yourself Josh,

:smile: Levitation up to 15 feet
:smile: Building(500 feet) walking
:smile: Teleportation
:smile: Voodo Skills
:smile: Houdini escapes
:smile: Oasis(24 hours w/0 food)


Actually I watched one of Chris Angel’s shows just last weekend, called Mindfreak. He did this trick where he stood in between two groups of people in a hallway, and when he stepped away, on group was all the way down at the end of the hallway, 30 feet away in a matter of seconds. It was cool.
He also did an escape act from a barrel hung in the air, that was also very impressive.

I figure I’m going to start with some of the tricks offered here;

They seem to have lots of selection and some excellent training DVDs. They also have some free tricks if you know where to look.

That was “Wine Barrel escape” episode i think; but that episode wasn’t that good. If you think that was impressive you SHOULD see his others episodes, they are quite shocking like his last one (building walk) and don’t forget his street magic tricks…

But anyway i wish you good luck on that Josh! :smile:

Edit: That site you put there seems interesting.

Josh you could start with this one, it’s the easiest impromtu non=card trick.
1-U need a pair of dice
2-any kind of book/magazine or a deck of card
3-envelope with a paper inside with a word written on it.

You tell the person to roll the pair of dice,
you tell him/her to count and sum the amount of numbers from the top and bottom of both dices.
then you tell him to search on the book/magazine or deck of card the page/card number with the number of the result.
To his/her surprise you had the first word on that page written on the paper closed in the envelope.

The sum of bottom/top of the pair of dice is gonna be always
14. With that been said you always are gonna know the word on that page/card before meeting the person and so guessing the word always.

A few days ago I ordered ‘How to do Street magic’ from, and I got the King’s Rising Levitation video for freeeeeeee!!! :cool_laugh:

I can’t wait till it gets here :tongue:

moved into lounge topic where Criss Angel is mentioned :moogle:

You’ve all seen Criss Angel do it but could a normal person do it with a little work? well I"m going to try, its not going to have instant results and it may take a few years but I’m going to try.

I’ll repost if I make any progress.

have ya any method ?

Criss Angel does it the way David Blaine does it. I have David Blaines book / autobiography, I think it’s called ‘Mysterious Man’, and he says that it’s all fake. That the people around him watching are in on it, and there really are wires and stuff.

I saw Criss Angel (not in person, on television) levitate off the Luxor hotel and casino in Las Vegas in front of hundreds of people. That was cool :happy:

I know plenty of magic tricks (mainly card) - I was really into magic a few years ago. One of the tricks is levitation, but nothing spectacular. I’m sure you all know the ‘basic’ trick. Have the heel of the foot away from the spectators still on the ground and try to balance and make it look kinda easy.

The one I’m talking about it a bit more complicated. You have to stand right in front of a step (or like a step of a stair case) for it to work. Have one of your feet partly out of the shoe, and balance it on the step closest to you, then just lift up. Most of the time the spectators will have no clue how you did it.


Criss Angel uses a variety of tricks, some wire some not. But it’s not “real”. That roof to roof one was awesome. Criss Angel knows how to impress.

The best thing I saw him do though, has to be metamorphosis. His version with the crossing pyros is amazing, less than a second to make the switch and no mirror/curtain.

I have a video of David Copperfield doing the metamorpheses trick. It was less than a second too :happy: I wish I had seen Criss do it, so I could compare them.

David and some woman changed positions like 15 feet apart like that snaps fingers

Edit: After looking through Youtube, I found the video.

Most - awesome - thing - EVER.

The comments say he had a body-double (twin) stand in for him.

Wow, another video I found - … ed&search=

I’m sure they’re tons of cool magic videos I’d like to post here, but you can find them yourselves at Just search ‘magic’.