Stress and LD

To suspect that we are in a dream, we need to be able to sit back a little and reflect. When we are caught up in a rapid and stressful series of events, this does not happen. That’s why I have failed to notice the most obvious dreamsigns, because they appear while I am running away from the police or something. Last night I was stressed about packing and moving (I hate packing) and dreamed about it. My mind was occupied with the stress so I didn’t have a chance to reflect on my state of consciousness. Most of my LDs have been triggered when I’ve just been sitting or standing somewhere, chatting or looking around. Going to sleep stressed makes us more likely to have dreams where we are in a stressful situation.

Therefore: relaxation is essential to LD.

This rings very true for me. I lead quite a busy, hurried life and I am the sort of person who worries about almost everything. :sad:

I had two weeks off work this summer, and although I was travelling a fair bit I was a lot more relaxed. The result: four lucid dreams within a week of each other. :content:

I think it’s true, too. I don’t know about during the LD itself. I usually have LD’s when I’m walking around somewhere, or a WILD, but it can be at any time.

I can see the logic behind that, but it works the other way round for me, like if something bad happens in my dream I become lucid. Like if I ever have a fight with anyone in my dreams I always become lucid, but I think thats more cause of my personality, because I wouldn’t normally fight with people IRL.

I’ve noticed with me at least, that I only become lucid in two different situations:

1)If I’m on the verge of a nightmare- I become lucid enough to change my dream or to wake up.
2)If I fall asleep in my dream, when I enter THAT dreamworld, I will be fully lucid!

The most frequent of the two is #1 because my dreams start to go bad a lot it seems. It’s scary. I think I have a tormented mind or something lol.

My dreams were a lot more disturbing when I first started to recall them, then as I got familiar with my dream-world, they calmed down a lot, became more artistic and entertaining. Unfortunately, cosmological disaster has overtaken me since then, but I’m sure I’ll get back on track.

I think that if I am stressed I cant remember my dreams at all?
Once when I was trying to induce myself into having a lucid dream before I fell asleep, I could feel myself falling asleep, or passing away, then I got scared a bit, and thats why I think I didnt get it.

Also when I was younger and didnt even know what lucid dreaming was, I noticed that it is somehow harder for me to fall asleep, if a bit before I start sleeping I start thinking that right after I fall asleep I wake up in the morning. I dont understand why that happened…

Please don’t say this, because I have been very stressed the psat few days, and now my sub-consciousness will take this in mind, and make sure I won’t become lucid, after having gone to bed stressed:(

I disagree to some extent.I live very unstressfull life.I dont have to be chasing money(tho id use some more:),have a gf,im relaxed and happy.
Tho-still i get days or weeks without recall at all.Then something exciting happens what wakes me up from daily relaxed routine.In medical terms u can call it stress.Never noticed loss of recall…even opposite…my dreams get brighter and more vivid.
Im not saying you all not right.Just saying that there might be exceptions:)
Like you Zewu:)