Stuck in lucid dreams

Hi all,

I want to share a story with you. It is not my own and I found it very unusual and are sceptical about it. I am curious what you all think about it.

So I met this dude online and we were talking about lucid dreaming. His story:

I once induced a dream so deep, I could not wake up. I won’t tell you how I did that ■■■■■■ up thing (according to him he didnt want others to try it, but it involved some kind of (mixture) of drugs among other things). I was in a weird place, where I had real friends with whom I had years of memories in that world, a family, a home, full life with full memories, and things did not work like in normal dreams. I couldnt control anything, hands looked normal, no reality checks were working. I had to kill myself in there to wake up from that dream and it was a traumatic experience. Turned out I slept for over 30 hours. I woke up in pissed bed. I felt extremely dizzy, I threw up, and the migraine headache and nasty feeling of being exhausted lasted for a long time. Since then, I dont do lucid dreaming anymore.

I had very reel feelings for people in there. I had a mother who I loved, however weird that sounds, I was getting confused what was reality, and it was like I was forgetting ‘real’ life. Real life memories were hard to grasp, like a dream that fades quickly after you wake up. Until the last moment of the weird dying experience I wasnt really sure. And when I felt the pain of the dream death, for a split second, before everything went dark and thougthless, I thought I made a mistake and killed the real me. Normally dreams are weird but that world felt as real as here, there was nothing indicating that I was dreaming. Freaky experience.


Just dont buy it.

i don’t think taking drugs woul help lucid dreaming,if you’re saying that the type of drugs(according medically)helps ld,then you could say!

~Happy dreams

-IzPy3ch0c (Lucifer,thanatos)

that got dark