stuck in sleep paralysis

I can never escape SP. I can stay in SP for as long as I wish. I get the hallucinations and just get there stuck. Ive tried imagining a dream, using the hallucinations to get into a dream. I can see my room with my eyes closed. But only as if I was squinting.

Anyone tell me what the next step is.

Try moving your toes or hand fingers a little, then start moving your arms and legs. Or try taking a big breath.

Ohhh no I can exit SP when I want. I want to enter a LD

Well I guess the next step is slightly different for everyone, but here’s what works out for me when i’m in sleep paralysis.

Whenever i’m in sleep paralysis, you first need to calm down, like really calm down, just doing that should already lower the scary hallucinations, then, if your eyes still aren’t closed, close them, then convince yourself that you are going to enter a lucid dream, out of all the times I tried this, I managed to enter a lucid dream that way, what happens is that I can feel my body being dragged through the bed, until I got dragged enough that I don’t feel paralyzed anymore, open your eyes, you’re likely to still be in your bedroom, but look around, do an RC, and you’ll find out that you’re probably in a dream ! Success ! You managed to do a WILD.

Im never nervous or worried anymore while in SP. But I wonder now, if im in a dream in my bed laying down. Havent thought of that. But I dont want to move and do a RC, to then lose the SP.

The thing is, if you are really still in SP, despite you still trying to move you won’t.
Usually when I know I successfully transfered to a dream from SP, is the fact that I don’t hear the buzzing sound SP makes.

Thats my problwm getting out of SP

I dont always hear the buzzing. Only sometimes.

Its just hard to focus when in that state. Since I am half awake and half asleep

I usually tell beginners to not aim for sleep paralyses state, Ive noticed many do. It then can have the consquence of someone going into a spontanous waking dream, a state thinking they are sleep paralyed when they could be just strongly dreaming they are sleep paralysed. I think some miss lucid dreaming due to this.

You dont mention how you tried to use the images you experience to get you into a dream. Ive got myself into a dream by those before by making it so I enter into the image.

example say I see an 1inch wide patch of patterned colour. I start thinking about that coming closer and closer to me or me getting closer to it. When I get close enough, I’ll suddenly found myself within the image in some way eg the patch of colour just became a room with with the colours of the patch being the wallpaper on the walls surrounding me.

Try to immerse yourself into the image in some way.

Just tonight I got images. Tried to make them my entrance. But nothing happen. But yes I feel that sometimes i get in SP or think i am. When im actually in a dream in my bed. I also remember all my dreams. I just never realize its a dream until I wake up. Im too lazy to reality check all day.