Stuff Lucid Dreamers Say

I shared this video with the chat the other day, and someone (I think it was OmkAR) suggested that we make a similar video for lucid dreamers.

I think this is a fantastic idea. What do you think should be in it?

I’ll start the list off:

“I do so many RCs! Why don’t I LD more often?”
“My RC failed. :sad:
“WILD is definitely the way to go.”
“WILD doesn’t work for me and you shouldn’t bother trying it either.”

“Maybe you’re trying tooo hard!”
“I tried WILD today and felt a vibration…was I close?”
“You really have to believe in it to make it work”
“I forgot to rub my hands again”
“What if reality is actually a shared dream?”
“I can’t believe I missed that dream sign”

“Yea, so I was going to go through the mirror, but half way through I got stuck.”

“Whenever I try to WILD, I can never get into SP!!!”

“Why do I always immediately wake up the moment I realise I’m dreaming?”

“Can I get a DC to tell me I’m dreaming?”

“Was this an LD?”
“Does anyone else get this?”
“What’s the best technique?”
“What technique do you use?”
“What’s LL?”
“WILD should be done with WBTB.”
“I’m getting back into lucid dreaming.”
“No recall. :sad:

“You should keep a DJ. It’s essential.”
“What’s your favorite way to fly?”

Someone grabbed LL :sad:
“why should I wait 4.5 hours before I try WILD”
“[insert favorite tech here] is the way to go, the other ones don’t work.”
“don’t learn to WILD, it’s to hard for beginners”
“do the deild”
“I’m to scared to wild, what if I get bad SP?”

But my personal favorite would have to be:
“I realized I was dreaming but then my mom woke me up”

OWWW this is so me.

“You are lucky if you are a natural.”
“I am in a low spot of dream recall.”

How can I find my SG?

“I’m not a hippie! Lucid Dreaming is a scientific term!”

“I will have an LD tonight. I will have an LD tonight. I will have an LD tonight.”

“Does sex feel real in LDs?”

“I’m losing motivation!”

“Pfft. ME be defeated by YOU. Yeah right. I fight ninjas tougher than you in my sleep.”