Stuff to do while lucid

have you found yourself somehow bored with your pocket dimension in which you are a literal god? post ideas for stuff to do here. this may be a little similar to some other posts, but with this one i encourage you to comment your own ideas. im gonna list some too to start you off if your mind is blank.

  1. become doomslayer
    rip and tear.

  2. be on the run from the police
    have you ever wanted to be wanted? (by the police) do it in an LD for no consequences but a similar experience!

  3. be rich
    become rich to see how it feels!

  4. get giant robot
    because why not. crush everything if you want lol

  5. talk to dream characters
    talking to a figment of your imagination is just interesting for some reason

  6. fly
    probably the first thing that comes to mind anyway.

  7. lightsabers and star wars stuff
    because cutting stuff in half with an big laser pointer is fun

  8. go to different worlds
    star wars, harry potter, etc.

  9. practice irl skills
    this may sound boring but if you want to practice something, by all means

  10. go somewhere you want to go
    go to the mountains, disney, etc

  11. jump into an active volcano
    again, because why not

  12. try new things
    new foods would have an inaccurate taste as you probably know but try other stuff

  13. break the laws of physics
    yet again, because why not

I like your list :slight_smile: pretty much has all of my list items except for these ones!

Speak to deceased loved ones.

Shared dreams.

Test your psychic abilities (remote viewing, premonition).

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I have this fictional wizard like character that I made up. I guess I’d like to have some magic duel with her one day, that sounds fun :stuck_out_tongue:

And there’s a fantasy world I made up with some friends that I would love to explore.

Also I heard meditation is awesome inside a lucid dream so some day I want to give that another try.

Those are my personal goals at the moment. There are a couple of other things that I regularly like to do in lucid dreams like changing gender, having sec or just exploring. Flying used to be a lucid staple for me, too, but I’m not really doing that very much anymore. At least not the “take off from the ground and explore“ kind of flying. Skydiving or transforming into a dragon are my more recent aerial enjoyments :smiley:

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Flying is still one of my go to’s, but I still haven’t mastered doing it well (darn subconscious limiting beliefs!).

I also would love to meditate in a dream, I’ve also heard it’s incredible. Even doing a full on ceremony with a guide would be cool.

Made-up world’s would be amazzzzing. Or even trying out like a Minecraft-created world would be trippy!

Another thing, that could tie into all of the above, would be trying to have really long LDs. Like hours. Or days. There was one member on here a few years ago who was pretty much a daily lucid dreamer who mastered the art of having dreams that lasted days. His dream journals were so fascinating. I can’t seem to them anymore though… does anyone else remember this person?

Do you mean @WritersCube maybe?

The name doesn’t ring a bell but I skimmed some DJ entries and it sure seems like the same person! Thanks, I’m looking forward to catching up on his/her exciting adventures.