stupid WILD.....can anyone help me?

i’ve been trying to WILD for the last 5 days and i haven’t had any success yet. heres my problems. one, when i try to focus on counting or something else i just cant keep the focus and random images of dreams appear. people have told me that this is close but it the images are very random and appear quickly so i have no idea that they’re happening to me. after them i fall asleep so i only go through one phase of going to sleep. does anyone know how to enter these quick little dream scenes or give me any advice?

Ah yes the counting method :content: Try experimenting with the time you do WBTB and the amount of time you spend during it. I’ve been successful with it when my body was relaxed and comfortable but my mind highly alert and willing to LD. HI is a good sign that you are falling asleep, but if you are getting lost in them try staying more conscious. WILD is a balancing act so keep trying. I don’t try this method every single night, even if I could, because it takes quite a bit of energy and a lot of patience and discipline, along with the lack of sleep. There’s also that ‘trying too hard’ theory which I find true with this counting method.