Stupidity Prevents Lucidity

Hi, long time sleeper first time caller.

I feel like I’m getting more stupid in my dreams. I’ve been trying to lucid dream for the last five days now using the WBTB method. I managed to have a DILD on my second night after realizing the large brick building in my dream didn’t exist in the town I thought I was in where the bricks are a different color.

Last night, I had a dream where I realized I had no recollection of how I got to a house but explained it, in the dream, by thinking that I must have took a cab. I was proud because I don’t normally take a cab. I then looked at a fireplace and saw a 3D tour of it construction and history. That was cool but didn’t make me question reality. I then wondered why the house I was in had a bathtub and shower in the middle of the room, but I concluded, in my dream, that the owners must just be kinky. Finally, the girl I was with changed, before my eyes, from a friend of mine to one of the girls who made it to the final 4 of the Apprentice. And that girl split in half and the other girl from the Apprentice was also there. In the dream, I only felt embarrassment about not recognizing the person I was with for hours.

Once I managed to realize it was a dream because of a change in brick colour and the next time I was constantly thinking in my dream that something was very strange in my dream world and nothing happenned.

Mostly I’m just unleashing frustration and introducing myself but I’m also wondering if this is very common. Does everyone’s intelligent vary randomly between dreams?

Maybe the point is, we don’t usually question ‘reality’ in waking life (we automatically find explanations, consciously or not, for things that “don’t fit”) so why should we be suprised if we don’t do this either when we’re dreaming?

IRL, if something unusual or out of the ordinary happens, we try to find an explanation for it, we don’t think “Oh, this can’t be reality then” (not normallly anyway :content: ), so it’s not question of stupidity Guttersnipe, it’s just a case of reprogramming ourselves to question things all the time.

lol, in the first five nights you got a lucid dream, thats actually really good. It took me about a month to get a lucid dream after frequently trying - it lasted 5 seconds. We are all stupid in our dreams. Last night me and my dad couldnt turn off the alarm to our house - I was typing the right digits, but for some reason it just didnt shut off thee damned alarm. Then when I walked into my family room, there was a full-blown circus. hehe, in the dream state, its hard to discern what is realistic and unrealistic. We accept the life we are given. Simple as that. However, it still amused me when I woke up to remember why the alarm didnt work - I was dreaming, lol.

It seems like the analytic part of our brain goes to sleep deeply. In a dream its hard to get ourselves to really question the events.

I think that MILD and WBTB are good techniques to try to wake up our critical faculties.

Many of my lucid dreams happen when I think “Why”.

In pre-lucid dreams, the answer to my question appears BEFORE I really think of the question.

Missing the illogical events of dreams is common. In my non lucid dreams I have seen DCs change sex. I have changed jobs, changed age, and once I was a brown dog :eek:

Its excellent if you can remember your dreams clearly, and remind yourself of the events that could have triggered lucidity. Tell yourself the next time it happens you WILL become lucid, and visualize it happening.

Yeah, this is totally normal. It’s actually rather entertaining to see just how bizarre our “dream logic” can be. The trick is to be in the habit of testing your state of consciousness even when there’s not a doubt in your head that everything is real. Learn to recognize your dream signs.

heh, yeah sometimes in the morning I laugh at how I believed some of the crazy crap that should’ve been an obvious DS…But I am surprised you had a ld so soon, I’m just getting to the point of having ~1-2/week after months of trying, nicely done…

Anyways take it from me, the more often you use the DJ and auto suggestion(telling yourself repeatedly before going to sleep to realize you’re dreaming), the easier it becomes to realize you’re dreaming. Now I hope I have a nightmare since the dream signs are so easy to notice(a very handy tool for permanently ridding yourself of bad/scary dreams BTW). Becoming very observant/aware of your environment while awake seems to make you more aware during dreams, so I’d try practicing that as much as possible. With some practice you could be having lucid dreams with minimal effort, so keep an eye out… :cool:

On that note I seem to have substantially more control/focus during a ld when I just become lucid from dream signs(as opposed to WILD-ing and WBTB). Anyone else feel the same way? :shrug: