Sub-C questions

I think this issue had same up before, but it will help lots of us to make a topic on that.

I’ll start:

Do you think that if you say to the sub-c in a LD to kill yourself or such, it will happen?

This is some scarry shit… :help:

Why don’t you go try and get back to us. I’ll keep looking in the newspaper. :tongue:

Try holding your breath until you die. You can’t, cos you’re sub-c takes over and forces you to breathe. Which can cause you to drown if you’re underwater, but whatever…

My point is, you’re sub-c won’t (purposly) kill you, no matter how much you tell it too.

sureal, its not that your subc stops you from not breathing, many times people have done this untill they passed out, and then were breathing, because they had no choice.

I think that it may be possible (im not going to try it though) However, i believ that in awake life the conscience most of teh time overrules the subc, and in dream life the subc the overrules the conscience, or at least thats what i have seen so far in my journys through the dream world.

The reason why they breath is because their Sub-C takes over :wink:

You can control your Sub-C while concious, but not while you aren’t. Hence the reason no one can die from self-suffocation.

I doubt it. Your subconsious has two prime directives:

  1. Reproduce
  2. Stay alive

It will do anything it needs to obey those directives.

you mey caus yourself extremly “brain” damage… but you cant kill yourself or something like that.

i dreamed (not a lucid dream) that i have a meeting with my sub-c and he ‘showed’ like an old smart man… [looks like Gandalf from TLOTR by tulkin]… he said to me: ‘hello noam’ and then i woke up…

How could you give yourself brain damage? That’s to do with physical damage to the brain… and you can’t be physically hurt through dreaming, no matter how hard you try…

Does anyone have links to good articles/researches about the sub-c ? :neutral:

there is alot of books about dreams- shearch there

you could learn how to break out of SP, and punch yourself in the head :tongue:

Element just to show you the relativity of subconscious control!
Mostly is exaggerated!

Think of this, try to suggest your subconscious you only laugh from 20:00 to 22:00 to really rofl! rolling over the floor at that predicted time. Safe way to see how strong and how good or not so good you can make suggestions to your subconsciousness!

When someone hypnotizes you then a suggestion can really get into the subconsciousness because your not conscious of it or on a very very low scale.
Giving yourself a suggestion will work for that reason always less strong then when someone hypnotizes you when your conscious self is less aware and in a trance.