subconcious insecurity? near to lucidity, but not enough.

i have been trying to LD for about a week, definitely not a long time (so i’m not contemplating giving up), but i would like some words of advice or encouragement.

i’ve tried a variety of techniques. on the third night, i actually thought “i’m dreaming”, but woke up immediately. then, later, i thought “this is a dream”, but did not become lucid because i thought it was real life, and i was training to LD out of habit.

next night, i tried another method. i woke at about 4:30 and went back to bed at 5:15. whilst intending to LD, i did something suggested on these boards, which was to pretend you could “see” right through your eyelids, and, using your imagination, concentrate on what you saw.
then, as i am very nearly drifting off, it seems like my “body” is vibrating quite violently, there is a sound in my ears, i am “moving”.
this seems good, but suddenly i become extremely scared and panicked. i stop, and roll over into normal sleep.

i try it again tomorrow. again, it begins to work. when i move my arm a bit, it seems to “slowly glide” into place, as if i have not much control over it. but, this time, my desire to LD seems to wane, and i suddenly have no motivation. the sensation stops. i just fall asleep again.

i did not get the chance to try it tonight, because i woke up before the alarm clock from a nightmare. i don’t often get nightmares, and when i do i tend to be capable of handling them. . . but this one was so real, there was only one slightly obvious dreamsign in it. it was also something i realise i have an intense paranoia of happening in real life . . . anyway, it left me extremly frightened, too much to try and LD.

it seems i keep getting so close to being able to become lucid, only to be interrupted or stopped by myself in some way? also, recently it seems i become very scared at night, when in the past i would be quite happy and comfortable.

if you would have any words of advice that might help overcome this “barrier”, or maybe methods of reviving my desire for one at night, i’d be thankful. anything you have to say, i’d like to hear.

i have checked quite a few back-posts that run on a slightly similar vein to this, and i will continue searching, so i’m sorry if this turns out to be redundant. but i really would appreciate it if you could offer any more possible help.

When it comes to lding,or any activity reqiring work with your mind the key is consistancy.You said u been trying for a week and tried different methods,I guess here lies the problem.
Pick one and stick to it for a while and only when u make sure its not too efficent for you then try something else.
As for beginning-dream diary,rcs and just thinking about recall and having one before sleep should be enough.All WILDS,SILDS, and stuff is to be tried later on.Too much can be obstacle.
Many ppl will tell you that WILD is most effective-thats only partly true cuz it is effective only for those who are lucky enough to do it perfectly right.For the rest its a waste of time.
Anyways,my advice is-choose one and stick to it for longer.And be consistant.