subconscious messing with you

Hi, I’m not realy new to this forum but I never got to post here before… I’ve been ld’ng for about 5 months now whit an avarge of 4 ld’s per month. :content:

The thing is my subconscious allways seem to do the exact opposit to what I want it to do. Sometimes just the thought of having a lucid dream before going to sleep can ruin it all. The only time I actually ld these days is when I’m 100% sure I’m not going to have an ld :eh:

Another example is a ld I had a few days ago where just had found this realy hot chick and I was about to undress her, when I uncovered her belly which seemed to be realy hairy. Suddenly she just transformed into a fat guy in his 50’s :eek:
At the same time i could hear a girl laugh behind me and as I turned around to look who it was I could see a woman with dark hair in the corner of my eye. I immediately knew she was my subconscious personified or my dream guide or something. Then I woke up.

Wath I wonder is if enyone else is experiencing something simular or if someone knows wath I can do to get more control of my subconscious…

This realy anoys me because I feel like me and my subconscious chould be friends beacause we are, after all the same person :razz:

Let me just contain myself after reading about the chick you undressed. xDDD



Okay. Hah. Alright I’m cool now. xD

Just go ahead and tell your subconscience to STFU and to stop messing with you and that she’s a b*tch. :razz: But man, that’s too funny. And that’s a pretty good amount of Lucid Dreams you get. Lucky you. But that’s never happened to me before. I think my subconscience knows better than to mess with me while I’m trying to undress a hot chick or things of that nature. xD

Oh, and huzzah on your first post! <3

Thats pretty funny.

Have you tryed reverse psychology?

What I wonder is - how the hell did you mistype the ‘h’ by whole 3 characters? :wink:

Maybe he did it on purpose. :razz:

yeah, i know how it is , and i have some crazy theories ( i am a depresive paranoic, and in early stage Schizophrenia so yeah im kinda crazy), maybe our subconscience controls reallity :eek: maybe for things to happen you must make your subconscience believe it instead of believing yourself… or something like that. :eh: :tongue:

My advice. try to find your subconscience inside an ld and ask why she is acting that way, and ask what you can do for her to change :wiske: my subconscience is a lady too.

Something similar happened to me. We were both in a bed and was just about to have a good time when her face suddently distorted, red light started coming from the eyes and her voice changed into a dark mean voice like taken from a horror movie. This change happened instanly and was enough to wake me straight up from the LD.

Well, I guess my english isn’t the best :razz:

I’ll try that but I’m afraid I won’t remember to do so the next time I’m having an ld because it might not happen in a couple of days/weeks :neutral:

If my subconscious is the one who makes up my dreams, then he is a real jerk. I hardly ever dream about things I’d like to see or do. I think he is mocking me every time I go along with what he shows me. In fact I have an idea: When I feel confident about my lucid dreaming skills, I’ll get lucid, depose him, and install a crony DC to make NDs for me. Maybe my dreams will be better after that.

Gautar, why don’t you try proposing a cease–fire to your subconscious? Seriously, write a poem or a document or just tell yourself in meditation that for now on, you and your SC will be partners, and not enemies any longer. And don’t even think of asking yourself “did it work?” It will work. So sign that paper or do whatever you feel like as a way of making it clear and solid that you’re changing your relation with yourself and keep to it. Honour your part of the deal and the rest shall work itself out by itselt. :wink:

Yeah, I seriously think this would work but the hard part is to force your self to realy believe it will. If the question “did it work?” pops up in my head just once it will probably ruin it all if I know my subconscious right :eh:

I’ll try it though :smile:

I think that i am good friends with my subconscious, but normally it thinks that it’s creative ideas are too crazy to bother sharing. Maybe someday I can get to become closer friends with my subconscious :smile:

GautaR I feel a little bad for you, but your subconscious certainly makes things more interesting haha! I doubt you will run into a dry spell where your subconscious just gives up and has nothing interesting to offer. She isn’t lazy or boring :happy:

Yeah, undressing chicks. As if waking up isn’t bad enough, They have on occasion turned into kittens. Once, wich I found quite bizarre, into chocolate mints.


Got some unpleasent memories with chicks with hair here too.

Just that it was ND and they staid girls, only they had HAIR like a dog has hair :yuck:

hmm this happens to me too, skinny chicks turning into fat chicks for example. not just sex but with everything e.g. patting a cute puppy and then it turns into a killer rott-weiler, walking through a mall full of normal people then they all turn to zombies and start chasing so i fly away thinkin i’ll get away when suddenly they all start flying after me… it’s like my mind always thinks of the worst thing that could happen then makes it come true. I’m not a negative person either, in WL i’m always looking on the bright side of things, always focusing on the positive and never letting things get me down. However, I have noticed a sort of fight going on between my conscious and subconscious. Any good thoughts I have are usually twisted into something bad.

Its really weird seeing as I had a dream once where I spoke with my subconscious personified (she was a really hot chick my age that knew everything about me, my memories and everything I was thinking/feeling or about to think) and we got along really good like better than being best friends.

I’ve tried writing an agreement with my SC (as someone suggested) which probably only worked for about a day. I’ve tried self-hypnosis and meditation which also seems to last about a day.
What I need is to speak with my SC personified in a dream again but any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

Maybe your SC is trying to tell you something that you don’t want to hear. You could try talking to her about it.

Since I’ve started looking for guns in my dreams(new DS), all battles and fights has been fought with melee weapons… nuff said. :neutral: