Subconscious Vitamin b6?

Well, I recently began eating many bananas, and taking vitamin b6 pills as an experiment. My dream vividness increased dramatically and I was remembering dreams every night. Now, I stopped taking pills and eating bananas; yet my dreams still have the same amount of vividness and I’ve been lucid many times. Have I tricked my subconscious into believing I’m taking b6 or have I tricked myself into believing that I simply MUST remember a dream that night? I personally think that I’m tricking myself into remembering dreams with science and logic attacking my skepticism. Anyone else have this experience?

Well, as far as I know your body can’t produce B6 it has to consume it. and it needs Far less than 50Mg a day that some people take (Usually won’t hurt it) (If you take to much for too long you can get neuropothy) Say taking 1000Mg of B6 for a month…

There is a chance that B6 effectiveness caps out at a certain point and you are reaching that with bananas alone.

There is also a chance that you are just activily trying to remember your dreams more now because the first thing you think is whether the B6 worked.

But the vividness of B6 comes from the change in brain chemistry, not (as far as I know) a psychological effect.

Seriously, read the Wikipedia article. Very informative.

I have noticed increased vividness with just 200Mg of B6. Though not a lot of dream recall. I don’t know how much you a getting from your bananas. But probably not as much as you got from the pills.

im still in the eat lots of bannanas and take a b6 every night stage

I remember my cousin (who is not interested in dreaming at all) once told me that when he eats bananas before going to bed, he gets interesting dreams. He is a pharmaceutist and thinks that the reason this is so, is because bananas contain Tryptafan which then helps to produce serotonin= happy cells, "Serotonin is instrumental in facilitating relaxation " and perhaps affect our dreaming? I dont know really, but now when I hear about it from you guys, Ill defo start eating bananas.
I take all vitamins B in pills every day, but cant see any difference in that aspect.

"A banana a day keeps the doctor away… and the dermatologist…and the psychologist… and if current research can be trusted… death. It seems there’s almost no ailment that the banana can’t help cure. The word “banan” is Arabic for finger. " :grin:

Seriouslky guys, look at this web, bananas seem to be the best thing ever!!!

Might you mean Tryptophan?

Seratonin affects many things in the brain, and dreaming is one of them.

I won’t click that link because I already know bananas have many beneficial properties.

Ok, so I did it yesterday. Ate one banana 3 hours before going to bed and that night I had very vivid dreams! So it defo works! :happy:

I’ve noticed the same effects but I don’t like bananas enough to eat them all the time.

As for whether or not you can subconciously “consume” b6 - I doubt it… it’s a physical thing that effects a mental thing, so a physical thing needs to be introduced or there is no effect. I bet its just the b6 wearing off… either that or you are, as Slinking_Ferret said “just activily trying to remember your dreams more now because the first thing you think is whether the B6 worked”.

i think by subconcious she meant b6 awakens the subconcious, having full, vivid dreams.

I just drink V8s(Vegetable Cocktail)

Each 355 ML has 15% of the recommended daily intake of it
Don’t know how many mg that is though :confused: