Subconscious, you subconscious!

Today again, I had a privilege that my own subconscious tricked me very well but by doing so it motivated me to be more aware, to become lucid again in my life as in my dreams.

Again I was dreaming that I was still in school. Everything was mixed. In the dream I was still in high school but friends that accompanied me were from elementary school as were the teachers. It’s always a funny story when I look back at it but it’s somehow very very depressing when I wake up, don’t know why. I guess it’s the message from the subconscious that I should get back to school and finish college BUT I’m satisfied with my life and things…

Back to story. As everything was mixed back and forth the funny thing is that as I was in elementary school in the dream I was going in school with my scooter. So I would get out of the house into the garage, started the scooter and put my glasses on. Neither I had scooter in elementary school or this glasses. Then as I was going out from my garage I saw old math book(math - primary reason why I didn’t finish collage :cry: ) and I was very attracted to it, I had to look inside it. So I turn off my scooter, leaned down and took the book. I opened it and it was more like trainee book where were all of those tasks and equations and what not.

Later as I woke up it was really fascinating from where I took this equations, numbers, text, illustrations and the whole content of the book. So after I finished going through the book I finally got out from the garage and I was already having a cellphone in my hands calling my friend about something. As we were talking the conversation was somewhat silly/stupid, like when you are calling someone knowing already what he’s going to say as he knows that you know what he is going to say but you are just calling so you can say that you actually called… :smile:

After that I hang up and I remember I enter my house again and after that I woke up.

After that I was really depressed and sad somehow but I really don’t know why and I promised myself that this will not happen again. The dream was with to many signs which were telling me that I am dreaming and I could turn this actually good dream into something amazing and I bet I would not be depressed or sad after waking up.

Well what I wanted to say is that even NLDs can motivate you to become lucid, for one reason or another… :content:

I know what that’s like, people and things from different times or social groups together, it’s really weird, but I never think about it in the dream… it all feels natural and not out of the ordinary. You may want to try and get lucid in these dreams (or, actually, any dream should work) and try to find out why you feel sad after you wake up! Maybe just ask some DC’s about it, you might get some cool answers.

I know that feeling! It’s great :razz:

Good luck

To be honest that’s one of the things I’m not good at when it comes to dreams. Whenever I talk to a DC it’s usually a gibberish that comes out of their mouth. Although I did had dreams where I talked to DCs and it actually had some sense…

I guess that’s because it never been an actual goal to me to talk to DCs and find something important out of the conversation… Well I guess I should start considering this as a dream goal.


Do you just want your life to be satisfactory or do you want it to be more?

Of course I want it to be satisfactory. But do I want more? Well, what’s the definition of more? It’s a very philosophical question…

More as in more than what you have. You can be satisfied with anything, as little or as much as you want. Why not go beyond satisfaction if it can be found in anything. In American grade school a C grade is considered satisfactory or average. Why not strive for an A even though you are content with a C.

If you want to finish college then go back even if there were subjects that were bothering you :smile: remember you can be happy and satisfied with anything so I would not use satisfaction with ones current state as a reason to not try and further ones current state. Just my thoughts is all dB.

Yeah, I understand you but every time I came to one problem which I can’t bypass.
Even though I might feel satisfied with how I live and what I have there’s always this little voice in my head which is there by default. The voice which is created because of the society in which I live. Every society/community/culture has it’s own definitions what is good/bad in every possible way.

Is this school good or bad, degree of education - good or bad and so on and so on. I really do respect those who do things just the way they feel. That don’t care about money, material things and everything that is wrong in this world. But then again how can you think and be yourself in a way if you live your whole life in some specific way which is predetermined by the generations of people that still life how generations before them lived?

I hate to see people living the way they life because they don’t have a real choice. I have friends whit whom I had plans in the future, but we grow up know and it’s just not profitable to spent money on things that we talked about. So we don’t care any more about what we want but about what “seems” right at the moment. There are people that do what they want no matter how they stand with money.

The best possible example which I know is this one man from my city that doesn’t have home, doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have money, by all modern standards he doesn’t have anything. All he does is he’s collecting bottles and he sells them for 0,50 HRK by a piece. When he collects enough he goes out of the country for a few months and he lives every time in another country, he chose this way of life no matter what. Even though it seems impossible he does that. Every now and then he has some part time job just to collect some money to travel more.

Most of us will not do that or anything in that matter to make our dreams come true because we are not thought to think that way. We are thought that we need to go to school, get a job, have a family and at the end die. If, IF you have a chance then you can enjoy your life. Being real that is how we life because our society works just in that way. It doesn’t matter what we like or want we want it only matters that we become part of the system where money and big organizations rule the world…

Life has too many what if’s. that homeless guys is obviously happy collecting bottles for many. And of course there will always be people who choose to do that, so in the end it is good to choose whatever it is you “want” to do. I’m just saying to do whatever it is that you think you want to do, and most importantly, be happy with it :smile: