Subliminal Song thingy

I almost always remember my dreams every night , but now for 2 nights i have fallen asleep listening to that file that someone posted here deep mind or something like that, and i fall alseep quick but in the morning cannot remember absolutly anyting at all. I think im done with this file lol.

Yes, brainwave entrainment is extremely sucky. I have had NO success with any of it’s crap. It just mixes up my head every time. It never does what it says it’s going to.
Sometimes I get into extreme states of relaxation, but these states seem to hinder my dream recall. My advice is to stay away from it, especially the stuff that charges money.

dude, youd better keep it down, the placebo police will hunt you down… I find bwgen to be very good for relaxation, i think it all just depends on the person.