Success, or so I think.

Hi, newcomer here, here is my story and some questions to follow.

It happened about 2 or so nights ago when I was lying in bed around 4:00 AM (my alarm had just woken me up) or so trying to sleep and I heard this voice say “Who are the birds?” I thought to myself “hmmm that’s not normal.” So I decide to answer back, saying something along the lines of “I’ll tell you if you put me in SP.” Next thing I know there’s this feeling in my left side as if someone were jabbing something inside of me. It didn’t really hurt, just felt really weird. I kind of just assumed it was SP because I asked whomever the voice belonged to, to put me in it. Anyways, next thing I know I’m in this half-visible pitch-black room with a single window on the ceiling. Suddenly I can see shadows of birds landing on the window, one, then another, slowly till it was covered. I thought to myself “this looks like it’s trying to become a nightmare.” After looking at it for a couple more seconds I decide to go into the next room and see what was going on. Not much was going on in this room besides some two random dudes strangling each other. I decided to walk past them and go into the next room. This is where I did a reality check. First thing I notice is my hand seems to be inside a gauntlet of sorts. So I think to myself “well this certainly is not normal, I’d better do a reality check.” What I did next was put my hand on my nose and clamp down, the almighty-breath-through-the-nose reality check. Turns out I’m in a dream.

So after I perform this RC my mind starts screaming at myself “Yo this is a dream do something.” After hearing this multiple times I started moving my arms, but was not able to take control of my legs. It was if I was on autopilot or something. Next thing I know I’m staring at myself in a mirror.
Turns out I’m wearing some sort of ethereal armor of sorts. After staring at myself in the mirror for a couple of minutes, I say to myself, “Alright, jump through the window.” I didn’t even make the moves myself, I just started charging at the window and sort of phased through it. After I phased through the window I kept flying really fast though a neighborhood and at this point the dream was getting black so I decided to try the close-your-eye-and-spin method. When I closed my eyes I tried to spin but was not able to. I decided to open my eyes and somehow I managed to end back up in the house. I went back up to the mirror again and grabbed hold of the sink. I could clearly feel it in my fingers that I was indeed grasping something. Anyways skip ahead a couple of minutes and I could feel the dream was starting to end. I could tell the dream was starting to end because (wait for it); credits started rolling in a loony-toons esque fashion. I tried the pill method but by the end of the dream I did not really have a body, it was just my vision. A couple seconds later I’m woken up by my brother slamming some doors after he got back from taking somebody to work.

Now my question to you guys is, was this a full-fledged low-level lucid dream? Or was it just a dream where I dreamed I was lucid?

If it was a dream where I was dreaming I was lucid, how close would one say I am to obtaining a lucid dream?

If it was in fact a lucid dream, how can I take full control of my surroundings?

Thanks for reading, any help to a newbie would be much appreciated.

Well, if you had somewhat control then yes this was an LD. If you did what you wanted then it was an LD but most likely not a ND i dont think. So yeah congratz.

I would say it was a LD with low lucidity but keep working my first LD sucked but after a week i am better keep working

That’s funny. In one of my past lucid dreams, I ended the dream by making the Loony Toons ending appear. :tongue:

Technically, any dream where you know that you’re dreaming is a lucid dream. That would mean your dream was lucid! Improved control will probably come to you with practice. If you can’t wait, I suppose you could try taking the lucid pill earlier in your dream, or perhaps use a “dream control pill” instead?

I had dream credit once too :happy:

I had opening credits once.
It sounds like a lucid dream. Also you seemed to have a bit of control, You could do a RC at least. The part of not moving your body on your own doesn’t have to mean much. For instance once I flew but then a force took over and I could not control the flight, I was still lucid though. It’s a state of mind.

I can remember having closing credits in a dream once too.
Its the weirdest thing ever hehehe!

I asked the exact same question, and got some interesting answers. See the discussion at:

A Lucid Dream is defined as a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he/she is dreaming while still in the dream. So the question to ask is “Did I know I was dreaming”?

Yes = Lucid Dream
No = Normal Dream

It does sound like an LD to me.

As for improving lucidity there are different methods:

  2. Really focus that you are in a dream and believe (know) you can do whatever you want.
    3)Do more RC’s to really affirm to yourself that it is a dream.

I tried that in my last lucid dream. It worked a little bit the first time, and I believe everything got clearer. But after that, I couldn’t shout; my voice had gone so hoarse that I could barely get anything out!

You can also Rub your hands together

You can also spin really fast lol

Spinning has worked well for me,however if you are in a cool place it has the nasty little downside of frequently changing your location. :grrr:

Controller - After you try the ILN what you can do is really become aware that your in a dream and understand you can do what you want. Saying ILN can help you get your mind to a point where it is working somewhat logically.