Sudden awakenings = Hallucinations!

whats up dreamers?

Last night i had a pretty crazy experience. I was dreaming, looking at a monitor on a wall. There were many green numbers scrolling up the screen (much like the matrix). As they got to the top of the screen, they turned into weird symbols that i couldnt read/interpret. I became really confused and disorientated that i woke up. As i woke, i sat upright in my bed and looked at my hand. It was distorted and waving around, my perspective changed and my hand seemed to be 100 metres away from me! I was also feeling VERY euphoric :grin: ! After a few seconds of this, everything slowly went back to normal. This definately wasnt a FA as i drank from the glass of water on my bench so i would know in the morning if it was real…and it was.

Before anyone asks, i wasnt using drugs at the time. This experince has happened to me before. I would like some comments from people and some experinces as well


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You were hallucinating… Something doesn’t sound nice here.

Well, if it helps:

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Any of these?

Remember, if you do drugs (even though you weren’t on any at the time), some of them may have long-term side effects, so you better do some research on the that.

Keep us updated, and if it starts to happen too often, look for a psychiatrist.

I don’t think he really has to worry about this, if it does not happen very often. After that sudden awakening, there still was much active Serotonine and other things in his brain, which are responsible for creating the dreams. They were still actrive and caused his hallucinations.

It even were not very extreme hallucinations, nothing concrete…

I once woke up suddenly and saw my girlfriend sitting beside me. Startled I reached for her, tried to touch her face, but she disappeared. I’m also sure this was no false awakening but a real one.

Hi Taipan,

That was hypnopompic hallucinations. “Hypnagogic” when you fall asleep, “hypnopompic” when you wake up. It’s not so common, it happened to me only twice. But it’s much more surprising, cause you are really awaken.

i had an experience similar to this once…

i woke up from a dream once thinking that my bed was going to explode and it was my fault and my parents were going to get really mad at me and I started running around my house because i didnt know what to do then i went back upstairs and tried to cover the bed with my body (to smother the blast i supposed) and then I got really freaked out because i thought it was gunna kill me…then i jumped onto my bed and started histerical crying and i curled up into a ball…i stayed like this for about 5 minutes and then i started being like “What the heck am i thinking”

i posted about it on here and people told me that my mind was still in dream mode when i woke up and i just wasnt fully awake and I wasnt thinking logically

I hade some similliars experiences. I don’t know what’s happend in the last few days, because it has never happen to me before. It goes like these: When I’m going to sleep, as I lay in the bed and put my head on my pillow, after less then one and a half minuete I’m starting to hear voices that I know are not real. The truely wierd part is that the thing I’m thinking about is what I’m hearing. For example I tought about glass bottles that are falling down (dont have a clue why) and I actually really heared it!! same about more things.

I tought it was becuase I was extremly tired and the stage between awakeness and sleeping (forgot its name) just got earlier (super earlier) then normal. But then it hapenned again and again and i wasnt tired at all.

Any clue what this is?

Do you mean this “dreams” you have while falling asleep which you normally don’t remember, except you suddenly wake up again, either by something from the real world around you or because you suddenly get kinda shocked “by nothing”, which is also integrated in the dream, so you fall down somewhere or you are hit by something or some other, sudden thing happens, which requires quick reactions, so it destroys your sleep paralysis.

These are really good stories and comments guys! :grin:.

Especially adg12012’s, hahahaha.

I also heard some more info from other people about these occurences. I recently got my friend into dreaming lucidly (he is a natural :cry: ) and he said he had a similiar experience one night. He woke up and looked up at the cuboard above his bed. It was covered in large spider webs all over the place. He jumped out of bed and turned on the light, only to find nothing there! :eek:

I am still interested in more comments and stories that people would like to share

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My two hypnopompic hallucinations experiences:

  • When waking up, I saw once a fireball going through the bedroom and crashing against a wall.
  • Another time, still when waking up, I heard a stereo buzzing. I was like a big fly, flying directly towards my head, entering into my left ear and going out through the right one.

I have these hallucinations almost every night. My room takes different forms etc. But one time when I woke up I saw a pack of grasshoppers (!) falling next to me on the floor, and then they seemed to attack me. I jumped immediately to put the lights on
and they disappeared. That was the only freaky hallucination I’ve had (so far) :razz:.