Sudden death (warning, probably a depressing topic)

So, every now and then I am thinking: “What if I get hit by a bus/get mugged horribly/shot in the face/trip and break my neck/??? and die?”.

Thing is, it’s not death itself that’s bothering me all that much, it’s actually that I want all my acquintances to know that I’m gone, especially on the internet. Because on the internet, such private and sensitive information may not be spread around, especially if my relatives/family/friends don’t know the communities I’m part of.

So, if I died, they’d basically see me as inactive for the rest of time, leaving them to wonder of my fate (I seriously should change my nickname btw [My nickname has been changed now]). However, this is something that may also cause grief and it’s unexplained nature leaves people for false hope.

I have thought of writing a “will” or a “last request” so that a certain pre-written message will get forwarded to such communities and or people I know via various instant messaging software. Such message would basically include the way I had died, my last wishes, good lucks and whatnot.

I have actually thought about this for the good last 7-8 years, and I haven’t actually gotten around to writing such a will, for reasons obscured even from myself. Mostly it’s the conflict of the chance of dying to a freak accident.

I wonder if there are other people thinking similarly to me, or am I really that dark person?

I can confirm I’ve often thought about what my online friends (possibly my only ones XD) Would think if I mysteriously disappeared due to death. I had also considered this possibility of getting someone or something to tell people of my fate and last wishes etc. So Yeah I’m glad I’m not the only one. :razz:

Well, I’m only on facebook and here and my daughter knows to inform certain people about health issues etc and so I would expect her to do the same if anything happened. You aren’t alone ‘fate’ it has crossed my mind too.

I don’t know, it never really bothered me because I don’t have a lot of people who would really notice and it’s something I’ve kinda wanted ever since I was ten :meh:

ive wondered this too. But we had this happen and found out. i also feel enough people knoa me well enough to know who to inform how. So, i know it will reach ld4all not even a few days late. (yay facebook)

Also, as some people may know, I tend to keep up when people disappear now. I guess it sounds a little weird, but if you’re wondering, for you, Fate, it would take me less then a week to notice you weren’t around.

p.s:typing all this from phone. sorry for double post

I do have lots of friends on the internet, but it won’t matter much to me after I’m dead. If I do die suddenly, I guess most people are better off not knowing and just thinking that I just quit the games/chatgroups I used to go to. It’s a lot less depressing for my close internet friends that way.

Besides, I’d be more worried about what happens after death, be it nothing at all, or something else I never expected.

And shut up Drakey, I would notice :<

Yes I was thinking about it and I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter. We do struggle with our ego and we need to be remembered…

But in my opinion once you are dead you only have 2 possible scenarios:

  1. you die(of course) and you don’t exist any more. Everything you ever wished as you were alive to you doesn’t matter any more just because you are dead and you can’t carry any more. You do not exist…

  2. you die(of course) and your consciousness/soul exist, you exist, you do not die. Your realization of that is so great and you face the truth at last and you realize that your physical needs were just silly.

In both cases it’s win/win situation if you ask me. I do hope that it’s scenario 2, but again to you at that moment is win/win.

dB_FTS, you missed the idea behind the topic. Informing friends isn’t for our sake (although prayers are always appreciated :content: ) but to ensure that online friends aren’t left in the dark thinking you have just abandoned them.

I get that, I really do. I would appreciate if someone would do that for me too, but again to you personally it wouldn’t matter. You may feel better now if you know that someone is going to take care of that but later… I don’t know…

And of course, the community needs to know when someone is gone, to pay their respects…

I have thought in same ways as fate, but since some people of the community knows me well I know that people will be informed :tongue:

Wow, I wasn’t hoping this topic was abou this. I have thought about this. LD4all isn’t one of my biggest worries as I have some Ld4all friends on facebook and I think some of my other friends might post there (oh god, would they?). Anyway, I have a female friend whom I care about a lot and we only speak through MSN (which is going to end :cry: ). We don’t have any other friends in common, so if such a freak accident happened she would think I just vanished and forgot about her or don’t want to talk to her anymore. That idea is realy scary and sad :sad:

It’s not nice to admit at all, but I have to agree. If any of us died suddenly, sure we may worry about how others would find out know, but, depending on whatever it is you believe, you’ll either be in some sort of heaven, not exist whatsoever or be in some sort of damnation. No matter which of these, or any other beliefs, may be true, they’d all stop you worrying about what happened before you died, and wether or not people found out.

[color=green]Yea…I too have thought of this. I’d have to let fate do what it does…
Through visits from the afterlife I guess:

SPOILER - Click to view

…If possible my ghost could somehow notify people through technological glitches(The computer typing by itself), phrases through the radio or television, visiting dreams, random laughter, dropping the temperature in the room drastically, a shadow on the wall deal, a random song suddenly playing on a radio that was off, unplugged, or just the song itself playing without a source, or something involving lightning I guess ( :lol: If thats possible and if I can visit from the afterlife)

…Other than that I’ll be gone without a trace. Had afew thought on what to put in my will though.[/color]

It’s a rather morbid topic which I have never exactly thought about, I’m not scared of it, I just don’t care I guess. That being said, if I was to die suddenly, I’m not sure what would happen but I haven’t hurt anyone in my life so at least I could have peace in that sense. I would only regret something if I didn’t do it, which is why I love to try and achieve lucid dreams! :happy:

I would like to weigh in on this topic, partially because something reminded me recently. I had a birthday notification pop up on my Facebook page a number of days ago, for a member of this very site, known by most as Slinking Ferret. For those who do not know the story, Slinking Ferret (or Russell) passed away some time ago, and I found out about this when Moogle informed me. It is one of the good things about forming close (or close-ish) friendships online, as we sometimes learn about these events when otherwise we would not. If you are close friends with people online, the chances are, they will eventually (or maybe not-so-eventually) learn the truth of what has happened. It is in fact part of the reason an LD4all group on Facebook exists, to allow for these sorts of close-knit groups and an easier exchange of information.

Or at least, that is my view. I like to think that if something sudden were to happen to me, people I know online would know, as a majority of the online communities I frequently visit have people in my friends list on Facebook. They would see the news, and word would spread. So, if it worries you that nobody would know, join facebook! :razz:

I’ve often thought about this. I believe the worst aspect of death is having no closure, therefore sudden, unexpected deaths are the worst of all, compared to someone terminally ill who can inform loved ones of their health and complete any unfinished business they wish in life. So people would think, “Oh, she’s just given up on the forum, etc.” No one would know. And then if someone found out, and then all knew I was dead, it must be really difficult for people to deal with that lack of closure. Or at least I imagine, I know that would be tough for me.

I sometimes ponder about that, because, I don’t really like showing everyone my identity (for example my real name and such), also, my friends that personally know me usually don’t know my nickname.

Therefore, if I die, there’s no one left to tell you guys… I’m sorry about that, I don’t know how to fix that.

Btw, this topic reminds me of this video. I also indirectly thank Eilatan for that.

I’m writing sort of a ‘‘suicide diary’’ in which I document all my internal ups and downs. Well I do withhold some stuff since it’s meant to be read by family but still, it gives a good idea of what’s going on and what will have made me do myself in. Not intending to kill myself anytime soon but I’ve been there before and may find myself on the brink again. I’ll also bid farewell on all the online communities where I’m active. Despite being talkative, I doubt I make much of an impression on most people and I mostly play alone, so I wouldn’t be missed.