Sudden Dream Recall Drop?

I’ve noticed that just very recently when i have a natural wake up in the morning, before the alarm goes off, i cannot remember my dreams very well, i’m too drowsy but i used to recall dreams.
Is it because i’m too drowsy? :confused:
Because waking up before the alarm goes off? :confused:
Anything else? :confused:

Hi Aventurade!
It seems strange that you’re awaking naturally, yet you don’t recall your dreams. Have you changed your dream schedule recently, or are you going through some emotionally turbulent times? I’ve found that this kind of thing can really affect dream recall. Diet is also a factor you might consider.
On the flip side, perhaps you’ve been trying too hard. I always think it’s a good idea to take a couple of days (if not weeks) break from dream recall and attempts at LD’ing.

Thanks Snape,
I think i might fall on the ‘trying to hard’ side; even though i have a bit of the other two. I’ll try your advice. and thanks again. :smile: