suggest a good method for astral projection

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i read about many methods of projection.they are difficult and i dont even understand them.they ask me to control astral body and move it out.i cant understand how to do that.please answer these two questions
1.suggest a reliable and easy method for astral projection can i astral project from a lucid dream
thanks in advance

Alright, I’ve read two of Robert Bruce’s books: Astral Dynamics & Mastering Astral Projection. The former is all about the nature about the astral plane, while the latter is a 91-day guide on learning how.

DISCLAIMER: I am still learning to astral project – I have NOT actually left my body yet, nor have I achieved a real level of trance, although I think I’m pretty close to earning my astral wings. I am only restating the literary material.

Basically, to AP there are three requirements:
1 - a deeply relaxed state (mentally & physically)
2 - some level of trance
3 - an exit technique

  1. As far as relaxation goes, just get nice n limber. His books say you should tighten & relax every muscle, from the toes to the face, & everything inbetween. I don’t go that far, but hey, whatever mellows you out.

  2. To induce a trance, silence your mind of all that chatter, then try to reproduce the sensation of falling – especially the vertigo. Remember what moving downward feels like & mentally recreate it. This is basically tactile visualization. Any descending motion can be used to induce trance. This can be the an elevator, climbing down a latter, sliding down a pole, falling down a well, etc. It also helps greatly to visualize things shooting up past you. Imagine that the elevator is invisible & that you can see the building foors whizzing up, or the bricks of the well rapidly flying by. Whatever you like. Use your imagination! So long as you feel yourself falling – this can’t be stressed enough.

  3. Once a level of trance is achieved (you’ll notice a groggy disconnection from the outside world, perhaps even sleep paralysis), you apply an exit trigger technique. This is essentially the opposite of the trance tool; now we go up & away from the body. Once agian, be creative! You can try to roll yourself out of your body & float to the floor. Climb an endless rope leading up to the sky. One that I like is where you imagine your chair/bed is attached to the nose cone of a rocket, & blasting off through all the layers of the atmosphere at wicked speeds – I get really quick waves of watery-mind feelings with this one. But basically, just feel yourself moving up & away from your body, and also feel your body being left behind. Note: like the trance, these are all mentally reproduced sensations. Do not move, tense, or even twitch any part of your physical body. You are visualizing it & feeling it, but not physically doing it. That’s how you move your astral body.

A few last notes:
Don’t make learning to AP a chore. Keep it fun & mix things up a bit. Don’t give up. Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it!

I’ve read of accounts where single limbs are projected first. The person actually feels their arm free, & can actually put it through the wall next to them. At this point, it’s YOUR arm. You may even look down to see your flesh arm still lying on the bed. It (according to my sources) is just as real as physical reality. If you get this, try to use your free astral limbs to latch onto things & pull yourself out.

Oh, and to AP from a lucid dream? Just fly as high & as fast as you can. From what I’ve read, you should eventually break out of your body, & be in your bedroom instead of the dreamscene.

Once again I will state that I have yet to astral project myself. I only post this in hopes of answering your questions.

Well, good luck kalyan86! I hope I wasn’t just repeating the unclear things others said. Who knows, maybe we’ll bump into each other in the astral sometime. If so, :beer:

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