*Suggestability test: Make MILD/Auto-Suggestion Work for YOU

I’m a P by a small margin (6-4)

MILD works for me fairly well, but not for actually inducing dreams.That is to say it works, but not that often. Vi, perhaps you could link us to the original test to help some of the people (including me) who are on the fence find if they are more one way or anther. After all, a 10 question test leaves some considerable gaps.



I’m an E, and i got a lot of b’s.

Even just reading the suggested sentences make SO much more sense to me!

I’ll try it out!

i think this is the best result :wink:

and seems like i revived this thread :smile:

I knew it, i have 5 As and 5 Bs, so I’m neither E nor P…

I should have already known as I realized that some of the questions were not easy to answer for me and I wished to select a “C” ^^

EDIT: OMG, did not log in a lot of time… and from my signature I see I had more lucid dreams in the first two months of 2006 than I had this whole year 2007!! :grrr:

Im an E and a P, Auto suggestion works fine for me, and i also, 90% of my LD’s were DILD s and i used DS. so i don’t rely on auto suggestion but this is still cool.

I haven’t been around in a while, but as the topic has been raised from the dead I thought I’d come clarify some things.

E and P stand for “emotional” and “physical,” but if you’re an E it doesn’t mean you’re more or less emotional than a P. The names are derived from something else.

If you’re a P, you take direct literal suggestions. Ps tend to take things literally, and talk more figuratively with metaphors and implied statements.

An E listens for the hidden meaning behind a statement, taking it not at face value but looking for what it “really” means, while they tend to speak more directly and literally.

The two types account for a lot of miscommunication. Take the broadest of examples: “Hey, wanna go grab lunch?” The P thinks “ooh, I’m hungry. Yes!” the E thinks “hmm, this person wants to spend time with me. They must like me!”

So for a P literal suggestions work because the P takes them literally. An E will take something like “I will lucid dream tonight” and interpret it perhaps as really meaning “I want to lucid dream tonight, I hope I do!” which isn’t a strong suggestion to them.

So, for an E, a statement like “I will remember my lucid dreams in the morning” has an implied fact: that they will have lucid dreams to remember. Meanwhile, a P might think “but what if I don’t have any?”

Some more implied suggestions (and visualize these too):

“I will be more lucid than usual tonight”
(implying you are usually quite lucid!)
“I love when I have lucid dreams.” (not IF I have, WHEN I have.)
“After I become lucid, I will…”
“I will write down and remember my LDs in the morning”
“I can’t wait to tell X about the lucid dream I’ll have tonight”

I hope this helps clear things up a little! Also, I know some of you are on the fence with this one. Part of it is that it’s hard to concretely test these things with a multiple choice test! The original test is not online and I’m not sure how legal it would be for me to upload it. People who are truly in the middle are called “somnambulists” (yeah I know) and are open to both types of suggestions, so try one type one night and the other the next and see how many LDs you have.

Here’s an experiment in implied milding…
“I will become lucid, I will become lucid a second time, I will become lucid a third time, I will become lucid a fourth time, I will become lucid a fifth time…”
Because each number implies and reinforces the earlier ones. Much cooler than counting yourself to sleep!

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Thank you Vi for your explanations. :happy: My question has been lost amidst bunches of new posts, so I ask it again: I wanted to translate this quite literaly on the french forum (and of course I’ll say that the original post was written by you). Please may I?

This is off-topic but I just started to study French this year in school! :happy:

Sorry I lost your question! Of course you may. Good luck to the French speaking dreamers!

Thank you again Vi. And good luck with your french lessons kT4all. :smile:

I’m equal. 5-5 :tongue:
So I could use both, right? I tried the normal suggestions, but no LD’s so far. (But I’ve only tried MILD for 3 days now) xD
Somehow I like the E suggestions more than the P ones. Maybe I should try P tonight :tongue:

I’m an E. hope this works 4 me, gonna give it a try tonight! :grin: :grin:

:peek: I guess I found this old topic. This is a very interesting thread. Took the test, turns out I’m a P, 9 to 1. I have had most success when i use the more direct suggestions, but I’ve never paid too much attention to how I word them and tend to use a different sentence each night I try. Thanks for posting this info Vi!

I’m a 7:3 E. My success has come mostly from WILD + Counting. MILD has never really worked for me as I just forget what I’m saying to myself and go to sleep. When I WILD, I only say things to myself when necessary.

I scored 6/4 Emotional on this test.
After that I went and searched for the longer original test and scored 47% literal and 53% inferential.

According to that one I’m highly suggestible (which I think is true, knowing myself) without any real emphasis on either kind. Guess I’ll try out both for a while, starting with the emotional kind since there seems to be a slight preference for that :razz:

Edit: 02-11-2007

Couldn’t be bothered to remember the longer, more complicated sentences for the E type so I went with the P suggestions instead. Up until now I hadn’t really tried any sort of MILD before.

I had a dream and at some point in the dream I had an argument with a friend’s mother and we said some pretty harsh things against each other, which made me feel weird. After the argument (I slammed a door behind me), I literally told my friend to wait because I wanted to do an RC. I always do the nose RC and it failed (or worked, whatever, in any case: I knew I was dreaming). But then I instantly woke up. Not because of excitement or anything. I had barely completed the RC and I woke up immediately. I must have been sleeping very lightly because that’s never happened to me before lol :razz:

But glad to see that at least P suggestions seem to work for me. This puts my Lucid count at 7, though I’ve only really had one long LD three weeks ago.

As an example, I’ve been recently using short E type suggestions like “it’s easy to realize that one is dreaming” (not exactly this sentence, but it’s the nearest to the meaning of the french one) with some success. :smile:

I’m P (7-3), and i found out before this guide that i really should focus on the idea of getting lucid only (for various reasons), but it would seem silly to me from time to time; now i know I’m on the right track, so thanks a bunch! ^^

Lol, a lot of time have passed since the las post. I will revive it again…

Ok, so Im E by far (8-2).

I strated my lucidity quest 3 months ago, when the dreams cathed my interest and I started some research. I read the LaBerge’s book EWLD, and MILD catched my attention, but It didn’t worked (I used direct autosuggestions) and then when I noticed that a WILD give you the best lucid dreams, I have tried it for a while with no success.
And now, after reading this post, I think that I will give the MILD another chance. And if it works, I will stay with it for a little and then go along with WILD.

The indirect autosuggestions seems really interesting for me, and make a lot of more sense… I will try it tonight and then I will post my results tomorrow.

Here is what I’m going to do:

-Right now its 12:00 midnight in México. I will go to sleep right now using autosuggestion until I fall asleep. (Mantra: I will write down and remember my LD in the morning)

-I will put my alarm clock at 4:30 AM (I have to wake up at 6:30 for school).
Get up, bathroom, drink some water, write down my LD :grin: and then mild with “E” autosuggestion. (Mantra: I can’t wait to tell Chost (a friend…) about the lucid dream I will have today)

I will post my results tomorrow. I would love some advice.

Direct experiencing always helps, and you can supply it while awake with your imagination (cause that’s what dreams are afterall :tongue:). It’s also an official part of MILD, remembering what dreams you had before, then seeing yourself becoming lucid in them by any preferred means, and then just letting your imagination flow, doing the the things you planned to do in your LD’s. It’s great aid to your suggestions :content: and I suggest you to do it before the affirmations, in order to get a better idea of what you’re referring to.
Good luck! And sweet dreaming ^^

I was having trouble auto-suggesting and then I came across this thread, which made me excited. But after completing that test, I got 5-5. Oh well, I’ll try both types auto-suggestions. :tongue: