Suggestions to LD

Hello all!

Im new to LDing and this forum. I would like to say hello to all and Im looking to trying to start “Lucid Dreaming” I think its amazing and actually I never heard of it but I faith in me that I can do it. I actually just got done reading ALL this I must say it has some great suggestion and advice to starting lucid dreaming. Im all set and took that information and kept it in my head. But besides that what else should I know. I know the most things I need to know is how excalty to get into a Lucid Dream and how to keep my self in it. I believe that sex (Not being a pervert, but I bet everyone try to do it) would be super hard to do. Since acording to this guide it says excitment will get you to wake up and make you stop dreaming :neutral: . Now anyways I’m curious is there anything else I should surely know? Oh yeah whats is a Kin? It said to pick one when I made my username.

Welcome :smile: I actually have no idea what the kin is, its new to me.

I would recommned starting with the WILD and MILD techniques via WBTB (look these up). These are about as organized as you can get to facilitate lucidity as a natural means. Take supplements and devices with a grain of salt because none of them have been proven to reliably bring on lucidity. Achieving a LD is a mental gift that requires a state of mind with attention to your surroundings no matter if you’re awake or in REM.

Yeah thats what I was gonna actually do one of them techniques since they seem to be the easies

Hello progs!

Keep up, if you believe you can do that is a very good setting to start! Don’t lose your hope!