Suicide dream

I remember having a dream a few years back.

I was sitting in a motel lobby. Everthing was real dirty and scummy. I was looking at myself from the top corner of the room. Third person view. There was a pistol lying next to me on a table that had magazines on it. I picked up the pistol and shot myself in the head. I did not wake up however. I watched as the cops and paramedics came and investigated and took me out and stuff. It was non-lucid and very disturbing. I am not a suicidal person and this dream always perplexed me.

I wouldn’t call it a nightmare really because in the dream there wasn’t a real feeling of terror, just this heavy somber feeling. Like I was observing my unfortunate demise sort of passively.

Any thoughts on what these sort of dreams mean. Everyone I ever told about it always just thought I was wierd or crazy or something.

I don’t think your crazy! I also don’t think that this means you will commit suicide!I think your dream represents fear of losing some part of your self, like your inner child, or may represent something about your fears. Are you afraid of death? It also may just be an un-explainable dream. Only you can really tell! :wink:

well i dont know what it means and i dont think u r crazy. it think its is quiet cool in some way. well its just my opinnion

i had a dream in which i shot myself, too. it was about 10 years ago, but i can still remember it clearly.
the bullet seemed to pass my head in slow motion and i could observe how part after part of my brain ceased working. it wasn’t painful or terrifying, just interesting.

I had a very disturbing dream some weeks ago. For the whole dream, I looked for a metal shield of some sort to wear on my head. (I was going to shoot myself in the head and didn’t want to make a mess, so I wanted a shield of some sort to minimize the needed cleaning)

I found a pan of some sort. I shot myself in the face. It hurt like hell and I didn’t die. There I died after I had bled some minutes. I didn’t feel very good when I woke up. :bored:

Man i’m sure that you have been wondring about his for a while eeh :wink:
Well most dreams tell you something about yourself… like charlottedreamer said…

I think this applies to you…

This personnaly would scare me :eek: untill i foud out what i thought that it meant!!!

I’ll post my reply to a PM in here too. I think it’s worth reading.

P.S. I am not suicidal at all in my real life. My life is shinyhappy, and would never commit suicide IRL. In dreams it rocks though. :grin: